Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lets Talk Music & NSVs

So, I'm a country music kinda girl. Blake Shelton? Yes, please. It comes with the territory when you live in Wyoming. Don't get me wrong, I love me some 70's rock along with a few groups/singers in other genres... from a few years past. But here's the thing, and please don't take offense to this (it's just my own crazy opinion), this new junk that they pass off as rock, or "music" drives me up the wall. Voice alterations, and lyrics that make no sense?... blah. Noise to my ears. For this reason, I went strictly country several years ago and haven't looked back.
This wouldn't be an issue, except for the fact that country music does not make for good running music. I need to make a running playlist with some "I got this!" type of songs. So if you have any suggestions of some good workout songs, let me know please!


On to Non-Scale Victories: For some reason, that is driving me bonkers trying to figure it out, buttons, and HTML format is not working on my blog this week. So you can find the amazing Katie HERE to link-up!

1. I noticed I'm starting to get muscle definition in my legs again!


No matter my weight, my legs had always been really muscular. That is, until I got pregnant. The stick turned pink and snap! Hello, sausage legs. My legs were the only part of my body that I ever liked or felt confident about it, so I really struggled with this. I thought they'd start going back to normal after I had Wyatt, but they lingered for the past two years. All hope was lost of them ever returning until this past weekend. I'd just changed to go for a run and saw this in the mirror as I walked past and was amazed. There may have almost been tears. 

2. This one could be a major FAIL, but I'm choosing to find a victory in it. Once upon a time, not so long ago, this happened.

I ended up with stress fractures along my tibia from over-training and not listening to my body. I was completely out of commission for nearly 3 weeks. My doctor told me I had to be careful with it and it wouldn't take much to flare it up again.

Well, I'm a slow learner. It's been feeling great so I've been really pushing myself the past couple of weeks in my work outs. Last night it started to bother me about and as the day has gone on today it's feeling worse. So there's the fail, but I'm trying to see the positive in things. The victory is: 

Thank heaven's for frozen peas

I'm listening to my body this time. I didn't go for my run today. I attempted JMBR Cardio 2 doing modified moves with lower impact. That was still painful, so I stopped after circuit two and perched it on the couch with my peas. Hopefully they are magic peas and I'm back to new in no time!


  1. Wow, your legs are looking muscular. I'm jealous.

    1. Thanks! All Jillian work outs are great on the legs!

  2. Your legs are lookin' good!!! And I'm an *almost* strictly country music girl for the same exact reasons. It angers me to listen to pop radio some days. I do, however, typically run to Pitbull radio on Pandora haha my inner ghetto-white-girl comes out. But I also like to listen to either "She's Country" radio or "Mama's Broken Heart" usually plays lots of upbeat, nitty-gritty country songs that help me keep a good pace. Just thought you might like to try those if you haven't already!

  3. Look at those calves-- nice work lady!!

  4. Your legs are gorgeous! That is great that you are listening to your body- staying safe is too important!

  5. Wow. All your hard work paid off. Good job!


  6. You've got to be careful over-working that fracture. One of my friends was out of commission with hers for 6 weeks. I think it would be hard to rest when you're getting such fabulous results otherwise, though!
    Lulu and Daisy

    1. Thank you! I've been trying to be careful and stop if I feel any discomfort in it. I'm hoping I can baby it on my own this time!


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