Monday, June 3, 2013

JMBR Disc 8 - Is She Serious?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

This weekend was really great for me. I got back to my workouts and eating clean and I feel great again. Speaking of my workouts, I should have been moving on to Phase 3 of JMBR today. But I'm not. I haven't been able to give weeks 7 & 8 my full effort. My workouts have been sporadic, and my eating has been horrible. I want my progress and before/afters to truly reflect what the program can do, and I haven't been following it as I should the past two weeks. So, I am re-doing them. 

Speaking of weeks 7 & 8, can we talk about disc 8 for a second? First off, butt kicks WHILE doing weighted bicep curls? Is this a joke? Secondly, Circuit 3 would fall under the cruel and unusual punishment category. You start in a deep crescent position and do rear delt flies. I have no way to take pictures of myself doing this, so it looks something like this... 

Clearly, a little imagination will be necessary here. Then, you go straight into warrior 3, WITH the weights. 

And you hold that position for an eternity while your shoulders are completely on fire. Once you're near death, you repeat both sets on the opposite leg!  Then, about the time you 're ready to curl up on the floor in a little ball and cry, it's time for a whole minute rock star jumps! Oh, goody! You think you're finally done with this circuit of torture, when Jillian reminds you that you get to repeat the entire thing all over again. Thanks, Jill! At one point during the circuit, she says something completely asinine to the effect of "this may be the hardest circuit in weeks 7 & 8." Really, Jill? Really? I think we've figured that out by now. 
Lets just say, my hate of Jillian is far out weighing the love at the moment. It's possible I spend the entire time in warrior 3 telling her how much I hate her. 

Now for...

Operation Skinny Jeans

1. Do not weigh-in. I want to take a two week break from the scale.

2. Back to tracking food on MFP

3. Get a few runs in for extra cardio.

And of course, it's Monday so...

I was out of town for last week's Motivation Monday, so you can find the post I would have shared HERE about a breakthrough run I had.


  1. Thanks for linking up today! Can you do a post about your clean eating? I'm always looking for more ideas.

    1. Sure thing. I was planning on posting another recipe tomorrow.

  2. Cracking up and a little nervous about disc 8! I keep repeating weeks too wanting to give each good effort and consistency.

    1. My shoulders haven't stopped burning for two weeks from that circuit! haha. What weeks are you on again? I've heard disc 9 and cardio 3 are brutal. I'm scared!

  3. Just found you on Monday's linkie thing. :) Continued good luck!

  4. I like your drawings.haha My boss purchased the JM workout dvd's she is going to do the first month then pass them on to me so we can cycle through them. I heard they go by quick but that they give you a really good workout. Thanks for the heads up on the exercise routine. I'll be sure and have my husband on standby incase I pass out.

    1. Thanks! So far, I am really loving the program. I have a lot of Jillian's DVDS and Body Revolution is definitely my favorite. Hope you like it!

  5. Its ok to fall off the wagon sometimes, its going to happen! I have fallen off :(

    Keep up the great work!


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