Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One of those days...

So, this happened last night...

And I lived to tell about it.

 I'm not sure if I psyched myself out reading about it how "hard" it was, but it went surprisingly better than I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, this workout is not easy. It was definitely a step up from the previous ones. Circuit 2 is brutal, but beyond that, it was just right difficulty-wise for me. 

I had no problem doing push-up jacks which shocked me. Also, back in Phase 1, I could not hold Hollow Man or Boat Pose for the life of me. Last night I was able to alternate the moves without collapsing on the floor. I love what this program is doing for me and love finding what my body is capable of. I mean, I'm practically Wonder Woman. 

In other news, the boy is a bit under the weather, which means no sleep for either of us the past 2 nights. I'm ridiculously tired. Just this morning on our way to daycare, I drove right by and started heading down to Colorado. Apparently I felt like running away today. Unfortunately, I knocked some sense into myself and realized we just can't up and leave, so we flipped around and drove back which then put me way behind for getting to work at a decent time. I get Wyatt all settled in, hugs and kisses, bye-bye. I'm almost to work, listening to some Blake Shelton on the radio, when I start thinking, "Man, it is bright out this morning. My sunglasses aren't even helping.. blah blah". This is when I realize that I am missing my lenses. I had spent our entire, longer-than-usual, morning commute wearing lense-less sunglasses and hadn't thought anything of it. Mama needs sleep, or I'm trying to start some new trend. Either way.

The bad news is, when I'm exhausted, I'm gruuumpy (aren't we all). I don't want to cook healthy foods. I want to order a dadburn greasy pizza and down a gallon of Dr. Pepper. Working out? Puhlease... no time for that. But, I'm going to refrain and be a good girl. I'll let Jillian kick me while I'm down tonight and I'll eat some healthy crap and hopefully wake up in a better mood tomorrow. 

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  1. My boss bought those dvd's. She cycled through the first few weeks and has passed them on to me now. I am scared/excited to get started on them. As of right now I don't do anything other than cardio(time contraints) but I really want to make the effort to squeeze these workouts in.

    1. I LOVE them! They get harder as you go and I'm seeing big changes in a short amount of time! They are only 30 minutes, which is a big reason I chose this program.


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