Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Photo Food Logs

After a few days of horrible eating, I knew I had to try a different approach to tracking my food. Double cheeseburger and large order of onion rings for lunch, anyone? So, I decided on a little Photo Food Log experiment. I am taking pictures of everything I eat and have been sharing on my instagram. So far, this is being a huge help in my journey. Honestly, it's a pain to take a picture of your food when you're starving and just want it in your belly. If I'm wanting a little snack of something, I usually decide it's not worth the hassle of pulling my phone out for a picture. Not to mention, I'd then have to share with everyone that I was eating junk.

Day 1 - Friday 6/21/13

Day 2 - Saturday 6/22/13

Day 3 - Monday 6/24/13
Um, those might be some lemon Girl Scout cookies on the left. At least I had the calories available for them, right?

Sundays are my weigh-in days. They are also the day I allow myself to have a slightly higher calorie intake and indulge a bit. I'm not worrying about photo food logs on Sundays, for now. This Sunday was spent on the golf course getting plenty of sun. 

Yep, those are antelope on the fairway. Nope, they don't move even if your ball lands a food from them. 

Has anyone else had success taking pictures of their food? Anyone want to join me with photo food logs? 

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