Monday, April 8, 2013

Rest Days You Say??

What's this? You're supposed to take rest days when a new program states, "Rest Day." Huh, who knew? Or in my case, it may have been more an "I'm invincible. Rest days are for fools" situation.

Who's the fool? This girl, as it turns out.

Yup, that happened. 

I started an awesome, new program (details on that another day) the beginning of March. I was excited to get my healthy self back, I was pumped and seeing results. So I thought to myself, if I don't take my rest days, I'll see even MORE results. (I quite possibly was doubling up my workouts as well. A bit excessive, I know). About 2.5 weeks in, I started getting a lot of discomfort in my leg, especially while doing cardio. I figured it was just some normal soreness and ignored it.

 After a couple more days, the swelling started. I then decided maybe I had shin splints. Eh, I've had shin splints before, no biggy. Power through! After a week, the pain was constant and waking me in the middle of the night. At this point I'm thinking... maaaybe this isn't so minor. So off to the doctor I went.

After a very pricey doctor visit, and several x-rays later, it was determined I have stress fractures along my tibia. Not a huge deal, but slightly bigger than shin splints. (The doctor laughed when I told him that's what I thought it was.) Note to self: Shin splints hurt, but apparently they don't hurt THIS much.

Moral of the story? Listen to the people that designed the program. Rather it's a trainer, an online program, a DVD... odds are they know a bit more than you about fitness. My doubling up, and no rest days back fired just a bit. In exchange, I got 2-3 weeks off (One down, hopefully only one more to go) and have to wear this fashionable piece around. Sexy, right? 

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