Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Goodbye Boot - Hello Jillian! (And Other Randomness)

That's right! The boot is gone, finally. Let me tell ya, two weeks of no work outs makes for a very grumpy Tiff. (I could have done modified workouts, I didn't. LAZY!)

I got my first post injury workout in last night, and I was a bit nervous. But guess what? No pain! None! Let me be honest here - I went downhill BIG TIME for two and half weeks. No work out = Zero motivation for healthy living. I piged out on junk and lots of it. Chinese, pizza, fast food, Reeses... you name it, I ate it. I was expecting to start over from square one with this workout. I thought I'd be passed out on the floor like I was at the beginning. But I pushed, and I made it through with no rests. VICTORY! Of course, it always helps to have Jillian "watching".

A little guy woke me up at 4:45 this morning, so I got some cardio in already today. VICTORY, once again. (There has to be a bright side to getting up that early, right?) Speaking of the little guy, he's not so little anymore. We moved up to a big boy bed this weekend. How do I make him stop growing so fast!?

Sorry.. back on topic. It feels great to be back at it! It feels great to be eating healthy again and on track! Here's to no more injuries... knock on wood.

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