Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Story

I'm Tiffany - A full time working mama of one ornery, strong willed, amazingly sweet, adorable-if-I-do-say-so-myself, (almost) two year old little boy, Wyatt.

Easter 2013

I'm a crafter in my "spare time"... which isn't often with this little helper guy around. I've recently been learning to crochet, but like to throw some random projects in from time to time.

I'm stubborn (Wyatt possibly gets that from me), somewhat sarcastic. I'm blunt - I say what I mean and mean what I say. Wyoming girl - born and raised and love my country music. (Blake Shelton? Yes, please) I love anything GREEN and am determined to ride in a hot air balloon (preferably a green one, of course) before I die (Bucket-list #1). I have a slight unhealthy obsession with Jillian Michaels. 

I am on a fitness, get healthy, find the new Tiff journey. Jillian has helped me lose weight (60 lbs pre-baby) before, and I know she will help me succeed again! I'll tell ya right now, 90% of my workouts are through her. I'm sticking with what I know shows results. A gym membership is not in the cards right now, so my bedroom is my gym! It's two years post baby, and I've thought about losing the weight everyday since Wyatt was born. There was always "something" getting in the way. Too tired, no time, illness after illness (pneumonia, me - ear infections, the munchkin). Broken bones (Wyatt, then. Me, now). I've hidden behind the camera long enough. I realized recently, working out and eating healthier is never going to be convenient. There is never going to be time for it unless I MAKE the time. Is my house a little less tidy now? Yes. Are my craft projects taking the back burner a bit? Yes. Have I fallen behind on my favorite TV shows? Yes. (Life does go on with less TV believe it or not). But I'm getting my life back, I'm teaching my son great habits that are going to help him throughout his life and that makes it all worth it. 

My workout buddy

I'm not going to be perfect. I'm going to have slip ups. (Like this past week for example, but that's for a later post). But I'm a firm believer that it's the imperfections that build us up, that create the lasting memories and that make us who we are meant to be. 

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