Monday, July 8, 2013

Motivation Monday - Running tips

Welcome back for another Motivation Monday! I hope you grab a button and come link up with us.

I should be updating you all on my weekly weight loss, but my scale is broken. Darn thing, anyways. It shows the same weight, give or take 5 pounds, regardless of who or what is on it. So, I'll be a taking a dreaded, yet much needed break from the scale.

My motivation, or fitness/weight loss tips are mainly running related this week. Saturday is always cardio day for me. Every other Saturday, this means a run. I stayed up way too late Friday night and made myself a running playlist. Up until this point, I've just been running to the radio. I started Saturday morning off with a little Jillian to complete my 30ds challenge for the day, and then got ready to head out for my run.

I'm short on time today (I may or may not have procrastinated a bit) so I'll have to go into more details on my run later in the week. But the playlist worked! I truly enjoyed my run and was able to push myself so much further and faster than ever. I completed 6 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes. If I'm remembering correctly, my last run 2 weeks ago, was 5 miles in 56/57 minutes.

Here is what works for me (so far, I'm new to running):

1. Cross train! I can't stress that enough. I know I would not be able to run this far or get the times I'm getting if I wasn't lifting and doing plyo type moves during the week. I only get to run a couple times a month, sometimes 2 weeks apart, and am continuing to improve. That is, no doubt, due to weights.

2. Run with gum. I get horrible dry mouth while I'm running. Maybe I don't breath properly, who knows. But gum helps.

3. Make yourself an awesome playlist.

4. Refuel after a run. If I don't eat shortly after finishing, I get a horrible migraine. You burned a lot of calories, you need to refuel!

5. Stretch and rest days. I am the worst at taking rest days. I hate them and usually pay the price for ignoring them. However, after running 6 miles (which is a long run for me) my muscles thank me taking it easy the next day.

So, that's what I have learned helps me at this point in the game. I move on to the last 2 discs in JMBR tonight. Wish me luck! Now grab a button and come link up with us!


  1. Holla for cross training! No better or quicker way to see all-over changes :D

  2. Gum and music is a MUST for me. The gym I go to has their fans on blast and the days I've run without gum my throat paid the price.

  3. Isn't a work-out playlist just the greatest idea ever?! So glad it's working for you too! Have a great week, Tiffany!

  4. I don't do so well with gum while working out. LOL. I worry I will choke on it! Maybe I breathe super improperly!

  5. Thanks for the tips! I am horrible about cross-training. I do well for like a week and then I don't want to do it anymore. Boo! I've got to get better.


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