Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's Have Coffee...

If we were to have coffee together today, I'd probably tell you:

* I am so excited for the 4th of July tomorrow! Happy Birthday, America! Fun with family and friends, and a day off from work. It doesn't get better than that.

* While standing in the checkout line yesterday, staring at all this temptation, foaming at the mouth like a rabid raccoon, I decided it should be illegal to put sweets by the register.

* I'm doing this crazy awesome 30ds challenge with Amber and Holly. Of course, I still have Phase 3 of JMBR, so I'm doing two-a-days. There is a high possibility Jillian might kill me this month... 

* But it's worth it for the results. While cleaning out the storage room, I came across this coat this past weekend. It used to barely button across me.  It is moments like this that make all the struggles, stress, sweat and tears worth it. 

Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day everyone!!


  1. I gave up coffee years ago and im filled with energy!

  2. "it should be illegal to put sweets by the register" ha ha, yes, I agree, it's not fair to have to be trapped standing there when the person in front of you is taking forever to check out!


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