Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm Moving On...

With my workouts, that is! I technically completed JMBR last week (final results will be up sometime next week), but had been continuing the past few days while I researched and made decisions about where I want to go from here. Then I came across Erica aka efitmama on IG (follow her, she is AMAZING), who just happens to have started a blog this week at Mom with Muscle.

She happened to have a special going earlier this week for a customized 4 week plan. The timing was too perfect and I jumped on it. The workouts are going to be very similar to JMBR, but with a big bump in intensity. I'll also be adding more cardio than I have been doing previously.

I am beyond excited for this new phase. The fire that I had in the beginning of my journey is back and it feels great! I completed my first ever Tabata workout before work this morning. It was short and sweet, but effective. Sweat was dripping off of me! I'll finish up cardio day with a 3 mile run this evening, followed by 30ds since there is still a few more days left of the challenge. I'll kick this plateau's butt if it's the last thing I do!

Busy week, so short and sweet today. Happy Hump Day!


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