Friday, October 4, 2013

Guest Post - Morgan @ Fat to Fit Confessions

Today's Guest Post is from Morgan @ Fat to Fit Confessions. Morgan is one of my favs! She's lost a ton of weight, is super encouraging and positive. She's also one of my co-hosts for the Motivation Monday link-up. Be sure to head over and give her some love.

Thanks again, Morgan!


Hey Everyone! I co-host along with Tiffany for Motivational Monday!  I am so excited to guest post & share a bit about me with you! Please come check me out sometime.

I was always the cute chubby girl....I had friends & family that loved me, but I didn't love myself. I continued to go through life unhappy & self conscious. I met a wonderful man and we had 3 children. With every pregnancy, I swore I would lose the weight & come back stronger than ever....everytime the chance came & went and I let it pass me by. I don't know why, but baby #3 was different. Maybe it was because I knew this would be the last pregnancy and I wouldn't have an excuse afterwards. Whatever the reason, I chose to start as soon as he was born and I haven't looked back. It hasn't always been easy. I haven't ate the best, everytime. I've skupped workouts and complained but I pushed through and kept going. And here I stand today, 80lbs down and the best I have ever felt. I'm not there yet, but I'm further than I ever thought I would be & proud that I haven't given up although I've wanted to at times. 

A few tips for those on their own journey. Find what works for took me a long time to figure out that. Try not to look at the scale all the time. I hate to admit that I had become a bit obsessed with weighing myself often. But I now try to take in all the little things as a postive...not just what that scale says. You are more than that. You can do it. You will finish. More importantly, you will become the person you always wanted to be. And if I can do it with 3 kids in tow,  so can you!

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