Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Details, Details! Fit 4 Christmas Challenge

We are approaching the hardest time of year to keep our eating in check and the fitness going. Holidays can be rough for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I've been looking for a way to get my motivation back, and keep the waistline in check this winter.

This brings us to my Fit 4 Christmas Challenge. It's pretty laid back as far as challenges go. Here's the details:

Challenge starts THIS Friday, November 1st. Be sure to take your starting measurements, weight and pictures!

Completion will be Friday, December 20th. I figured it would be best to wrap it up before everyone starts traveling for the holidays. 

I will host a link up on the 20th for everyone to post their results. 

***If you don't blog, you can still participate! You can choose to share your results on my Facebook page or HERE or email me at tiffhult27 (at) gmail (dot) com with your results on December 20th! 

  • Use whatever fitness program you prefer. Walk, run, weights, Crossfit, swim, DVDs... whatever works best for you!
  • Same for food. You know what works best for you!
  • I will be posting healthy recipes as well as workouts throughout the challenge on the blog and Facebook.
  • Use #fit4christmas on Instagram (or any social media) to update everyone on what you are doing. What are you eating? Find a great, healthy recipe or snack to share? Did you just finish an awesome workout? Post about it! Or even share what you're struggling with and everyone can help encourage you. One of my biggest motivators is seeing other people with good eats and working their tushes off. Keep us all motivated with your hard work! You can find me @thefittrainblog
  • If you're not on IG, feel free to post on my Facebook page with any tips, recipes or discussions.
Whomever has the best results at the end of the challenge, will receive a prize pack from me! A little prize pack preview:

1.  A handmade item of your choosing from my (coming soon) etsy shop. I will have more to choose from by then, but here are a few examples:

Item, Color & Size of your choosing

2. $15 Starbucks Gift Card

3.  A few odds and ends of some of my favorite things:

A little incentive never hurt, right?

I'm getting a lot of response for this challenge and am so excited to get it going! But, the more the merrier, so spread the word. The main purpose of this challenge, for me, is support. We are all more successful if we have a support system behind us.

I've been in a major health funk as of late, and I've seen many others in the same situation. Just because we live all over, doesn't mean we can't be workout buddies! Lets spend these next two months motivating one another to do better. We can do this!


  1. I have less than 10 pounds I'd like to lose at this point, but you are right about the holidays (starting NOW) being a pretty big challenge, so this should be fun! thanks for hosting and providing a prize package! :)

  2. I'm really excited for this challenge, I think this is exactly what I need to kick it back into gear! Great idea - and thanks for hosting it!

  3. This is a brilliant challange and definately just what I needed to motivate me!

  4. I'm in!! I don't have a blog but you can follow me on instagram reimrey I am so excited for this!!

  5. Does it cost anything?? If not, I am in!! Can't wait! :)

  6. I'm excited, thanks for hosting it!

  7. I am in, too. I follow you on IG. My user name is lkschueller. Excited and hoping this is the bump I need to get serious again. I have been floundering around and have not lost weight in several months. Thanks for doing this. I am looking forward to it.

  8. Alright...I could use some extra motivation. Count me in!

  9. Count me in!! My fiance and I just got a gym membership a little over a month ago and we were doing really awesome until we got sick. It really knocked us on our butt, for about a week in a half. But we are feeling better and ready to get back on the horse! Plus we are getting married November 16th, so all the more reason to look great!!

  10. Finally have time to sit down and read blogs!! I'm totally in for the challenge! Thanks for getting it together!

  11. Thank you for doing this Tiffany!! I am so excited and happy that we can all support each other through this challenge. Also, I'm following you on IG.

  12. Okay so I am starting a little late only because I didn't see this challenge until today! I definitely want to participate!!!! Do we just take care of keeping our own data and then submit it all at the end?! Sorry I am slowwwwwwwwwwwwww ;)


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