Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

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For months now, I have planned to do weekend recaps and then somehow it just never happens. This weekend started a little earlier than planned...

Thursday night, I had plans to attend a Thirty-One party with my mom. The opportunity to socialize outside of mommyhood never happens, so I was really looking forward to getting to know some other women in the area. My mom wanted to take me and Wyatt to dinner before hand, so we met her after work. Everything was going great, when suddenly, out of no where, Wyatt starts screaming. Less than 60 seconds later, everything Wyatt had ate, in what seemed like a week, came back up - everywhere.

It was complete chaos. Some people literally took off to the restrooms. One table started packing up to leave. And my sweet little two-year old kept looking around at everyone saying "I sowwy. I sowwy" over and over again. Bless him. He could tell people were upset and I was doing everything I could to comfort him. Then, one elderly couple that was sitting behind us, walked over and asked if there was anything they could do. This sweet woman kept rubbing Wyatt's back and telling him what a nice boy he was. That simple act of kindness meant so much!

All of Thursday night and Friday were spent like this:

By Saturday morning, Wyatt was back to normal. Once he was back in lion mode, I knew he had to be feeling much better! I've always been bothered by the fact that the only pictures of Wyatt and I together are just poorly done selfies. I want to give family pictures for Christmas this year, and a professional photographer is just not in the budget right now. So, I pulled out my tripod for the first time. We had a lot of fun trying to beat the timer. It took several dozen pictures to get a couple of good ones, but it was worth it!

Sunday morning, I was able to get a great workout in that I'm still feeling today. It was also the official weigh-in day for the Jillian Michael's DietBet. I was back up to 172, which was no surprise to me. I've been gaining and losing the same 4 lbs for months. I'm positive this dietbet is what I need to get myself back into gear. 

I ended up with Wyatt's bug by Sunday evening and am not 100% yet. I'm hoping to be able to get back to my workouts tomorrow. This coming weekend, we are taking Wyatt on his very first camping trip!! This is a milestone I've been excited about since before he was even born. There's nothing I love more than camping and can't wait to share that with him!

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  1. I feared you would get what he had, as I read your post. :(

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Those pics are AWESOME!


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