Thursday, September 12, 2013

Throwback Thursday - School Dances


Before we get started down this humiliating Memory Lane, let's cover a few basic details.

1.   I was not a girly girl in high school. Basically, I would have chosen swimming in a tank of jellyfish over getting dressed up for prom or homecoming. If you understood my fear of jellyfish, you would know just how serious I am. In fact, if I'm being honest, I used to hope and I pray I wouldn't get asked.

2.  I hated having my picture taken.

3.  My mom is very stingy when it comes to pictures, so I don't have many throwbacks photos. She's not sharing! Including the professional ones, so candids it is.

4.  Big up-dos were the thing - I swear.


Junior Homecoming - 2003
Junior Prom - 2004
^^ That guy is my bff from back home. If memory recalls, his girlfriend at the time was from another town (as they usually were) and she would only let him go if he took me. Ah, the high school drama. How I don't miss you.

Senior Prom - 2005
I hated dress shopping, still do. That year we decided to have my dress made. The lady finished it the day before prom and it was about 2 sizes too big and too late to fix it. Awkward.

Senior Prom - 2005 - Group shot of our group of friends.


  1. Great photos! Thanks so much for linking up with TBT this week!

  2. I had almost the exact same dress for Senior Prom.The crazy part is that my mom made mine, funny that they'd look alike.


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