Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#GYSTS - The Plan

After a very unsuccessful past 2 months, I am so ready to welcome September and Fall into my life. Illnesses, injuries and negative attitudes will not be allowed this month. No, sir, they will not. 
It is time to get real with myself and set some ground rules. September is going to be a hectic month, so GYSTS is going to take some real planning and structure on my end. Brad leaves today for a 2 week hunting trip in Alaska (I might be slightly jealous). So, I have the little guy all to myself. Big win for mom!! I'm looking forward to the extra quality time, but it's also going to take some juggling in the workout department. 
Wyatt was trying to pack himself so he could go bye-bye with Daddy
In addition to our change of schedule, we are starting potty training this coming weekend. I have my own method planned for this, and am really hoping it's successful (recap on that to come, I'm sure). Exciting (translation: Mommy might have a mental break down) times in our house the next couple of weeks. 
With all the "excitement", I know a strict schedule and plan will be necessary to stay on track. My workouts are scheduled and changed a bit this month. Depending on how potty training is going, many of those miles might be changed to Insanity/HIIT/Body Revolution - Cardio. 

Now for the food plan. My real struggle. I've been far too lenient with myself, and I know that will reflect on the scale when I finally get the guts to weigh in this week. I plan to eat as clean as possible this month, with only one cheat a week. I fully believe in everything in moderation. If I don't allow myself some sort of little treat, I feel deprived and end up eating everything in sight. So, one treat. I'm hoping this will make me choose wisely and make sure it's worth it. 

Finally, weigh-ins. I enjoyed my break from the scale last month. It was very much needed. However, I need more frequent accountability. I do feel I've overcome the scale addiction, and feel comfortable trying a once a week weigh-in. I'll be sharing my weigh-ins on Friday's along with Fit Test Friday. 

September Goals:

1.  Don't miss a workout. 

2.  Increase water intake. Especially on weekends. No drinks other than water, coffee, tea.

3.  Only one cheat a week

4.  At this point in the game, this sounds like a very lofty goal - lose 8 lbs. (I'm going to have to weigh-in tomorrow to make sure I'm accurate.) 

5.  Positive Attitude.

Hope you all had a great long weekend!


  1. I can't decide if fall is my favorite time of the year, or summer. I THINK summer, but when it gets too hot, I long for the slightly cooler (in southern California) fall temps and activities. LOL

    good luck with your Sept. goals!

  2. Due to my hubs schedule, I'm often alone with the kidlets....hence my 4:30am and/or post 9pm workouts. I much prefer the early mornings, but I'm making them happen no matter what. Lucky that I have a treadmill or I honestly would never get a single mile in.

    I think your goals are all on point...8lbs is lofty in a single month, but I bet your clean eating and increased water will flush off at least three in the first week!


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