Friday, September 6, 2013

Fit Test Friday & a Weigh-In

This week has been a great example of that statement for me. As I looked back at the month of August, I just saw a big, fat FAILURE across my forehead. The month started out strong, and then the illness came. Instead of controlling my eating and attitude, I quite simply let myself go to hell in the health department. Not the brightest decision when you're unable to physically workout. Top that with no-scale and my "what the hell" attitude and I was really expecting the worst. 

I weighed in for the first time Wednesday morning expecting to see a 5-10 lb gain. Instead, I saw 171. It's a gain, yes. But a very small one and I was so relieved! I'm making Friday's my official weigh-in day, so I stepped on the scale again this morning.

Boom! Water weight gone, and down 2.4 for September. My goal is to hit 163 by the end of the month. A pretty big goal, but I'm going to do my best to get there. Hard work pays off. I really haven't adjusted my calories, other than to eat better quality food. 

Now for Fit Test Friday!

A loss in the weight department, and an increase on the Fit Test makes for a great week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back to link up with us on Monday!


  1. Great job! Despite all of your set backs in August you still did not gain very much. Have a great weekend

  2. Look at those numbers changed so much only in a week!!
    Way to go !

  3. I love the quote "Small changes make a big difference." How true! It reminds me to not underestimate my baby step like avoid junk foods and exercise 10 minutes every day. Looks small but can effect your weight loss result in long term. Good luck with your next goal.


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