Friday, August 2, 2013

Who Are You? Link-Up

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20 Random Facts:

1. I'm completely double jointed - weird.
2. Only girl in my family. 2 brothers and grew up with boy cousins.
3. I've broken growth plates in both feet, exactly one year apart from each other. The first time I was in a cast for 6 months.
4. I'm accident prone. On top of the broken feet, I've also had countless hairline fractures, stress fractures, sprains, stitches, 4 surgeries, herniated disc etc etc etc...
5. Wyatt takes after me in that area:

6. I was a lifeguard through high school and had to do in water rescues 7 times during that time. I still have nightmares about people drowning.
7. Currently I'm an office manager, project manager and estimator for a construction company
8. I've watched Gilmore Girls, start to finish, well over a dozen times. Addicted.
9. I was vegetarian for a year in middle school. On a dare.
10. Animal Lover
11. I make things:

12. I dream of owning a book store just like the one in You've Got Mail.
13. LOVE country music
14. Completely, 100% obsessed with hot air balloons. I need one in my life.
15. I have an auto-immune disease.
16. I love movies, especially horror movies.
17. I was a dancer growing up. Jazz, ballet, tap and clogging

18. I love sports. I played basketball, volleyball (only one year) and track in high school. I enjoy racquetball and summer is not complete without baseball.
19. I love the mountains and would be perfectly content living in a cave for the rest of my life.
20. I'm having scale withdrawals already...

3 Fears:
1. I am absolutely terrified of jelly fish. Terrified. I get chills just looking at pictures. I can't watch movies with them. Even Finding Nemo is disturbing to me.
2. Snakes
3. Fire

Relationship with spouse:
I'm not married, so we'll pass on this one.

Things I'd tell my 16 year old self:
1. None of this will matter 4 years from now
2. Be yourself
3. Avoid the drama
4. Boys... just stay away
5. Make more time for family
6. Don't work so much (I had 3 jobs through high school)
7. Be a kid. Laugh and have fun.

5 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. First, foremost and forever: Wyatt. He is my whole world and makes every day amazing.
2. Can't forget the other boy in my life. Nothing is better than spending time with these two.

Someone needed a nap...
3. My workouts. This mama is not pleasant to be around if she misses a workout!
4.  Warm weather
5. Chocolate


  1. That Despicable Me hat is so dang cute!

  2. I LOVE GG!!!!!! Best show ever!!! And I totally need one of those DM hats for my daughter! Open a shop!


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