Friday, August 30, 2013

Fit Test Friday

Dun Dun Dun... Fit Test Friday has arrived. Although, it's really not that exciting this time around being as it's just my starting numbers and there's nothing to compare it to. Regardless, I can already tell I'm going to enjoy this additional method of tracking my progress. The scale and tape measure can only tell you so much. Regularly performing a fit test really shows you where you at. It gives you the opportunity to see all your hard work in black and white. Not to mention, when the scale and tape measure are at a stand still, fit tests are great motivators to not give up. Which, lets be honest, is exactly what I need lately. So... let's get right to it.

-- One --
First things first (in case you missed it earlier in the week), here's the actual Fit Test. I made it using some of my favorite moves, and ones that I really want to improve on.

And my starting numbers:

I'll be doing the actual test on Monday's and sharing on the blog every Friday, for now. My one mile warm-up was extended to 2 miles since my running buddy begged to go longer. However, my 1 mile time was 9.54 minutes with my 35 pound buddy and jogging stroller. 

If you would like to try the fit test, here's a blank tracking sheet.

-- TWO --

This will be going in the crockpot at lunch. Mmmmm. No, it's not overly healthy. But I'm allowing myself a bit of a splurge tonight.


If you haven't checked out "Damn Delicious", you need to. Yum.

-- THREE -- 

It's time. Potty training. The day I've both dreaded and looked forward to is coming. We're starting to buckle down and get serious with it next weekend. Overall, I'm one of those very laid back mothering types. I don't get worked up if Wyatt doesn't do things where, when, how other kids do. I don't stress or worry about every little thing. Not that there's anything wrong if you do. That's just not me. I'm a go with the flow kind of person, for the most part. However, potty training is a whole different story. So, keep your fingers crossed for all our sakes and sanity. Oh, and if anyone has any awesome tips, I'd love to hear them.

-- FOUR --

Tomorrow is the big day! My first ever, official 5K race. I'm neerrvvoouus. Ridiculously so. Not only is it my first race, but I'm going by myself. This is a big deal in my "stepping outside my comfort zone" goal. Big. 
While on the running topic, I have a question for runners out there. When you up your mileage, how do you handle the hunger? I've upped my weekly mileage quite a bit these past two weeks now that we have the jogging stroller, and I am starving. Constantly. 

-- FIVE --
Go check out Amber for information on Get Your Shit Together September. I am so excited for this! I lacked motivation with my plateau in July. Then, I spent most of August sick. So, the extra motivation and challenge will be perfect!

Don't forget to link up with us next week for Motivation Monday! Have a happy and safe holiday weekend!


  1. I love gyros! You just made my mouth water by looking at that pic! Good for you for seeking a fit and healthy lifestyle. Found you via 5 on Friday hop.

  2. Go girl-- I'm so excited for you to tackle your first 5K-- you're gonna kill it!

    I've been dealing with run-induced hunger, too. How many calories are you eating a day, and are you eating back the calories you burn from exercise? For me, I try to eat back at least 50-75% of the exercise calories I burn. Your body can't run if you're constantly in a deficit, so you definitely should be eating more than you were before upping your mileage!

  3. Good luck in your race tomorrow! YOu will rock it, I'm sure!

    I'm stopping by fromt eh 5 on friday link-up!


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