Monday, August 5, 2013

Motivation Monday - Back to the Basics

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We're 4 days down with "No Scale August" and I'm feeling a bit nervous. What if I'm not doing enough? What if I gain everything back? There have been a lot of crazy thoughts like this rolling through my head. Weight loss is "simple" in the fact that it is calories in vs calories out. 
So, for my own peace of mind, it's time to go back to the basics. Time to go back to what I know works and be strict with myself like I was in the beginning.
August Goals:
1.   Track. It's back to My Fitness Pal for me! (You can find me at tifferswjd)
2.   Water. Water. Water
3.   No cheats. I can't be trusted. One leads to two, which leads to three...
4.   Cardio. I include cardio in my every day workout, but I'm going to be adding an additional set

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  1. Your mind is playing tricks on you. You are like a little baby bird, being pushed outside of your nest. But you CAN fly. You won't fall. You got this! :)

  2. I want to 86 the scale too! I think we can do it. You look fantastic!!!

  3. Water has been a downfall for me I never drink enough. I found the disani water drops to help me drink more. I know I need to get in the habit of just drinking plain ole h2o but baby steps right? Love you blog and your tips. Following you on GFC. I would love it if you followed me back.


  4. You have this totally under control! You can do it!!

  5. I love taking things back to a simple plan. Helps clear my mind of all the things that, while they may be helpful, can also just be information overload. One day at a time, one step at a time.

  6. I love the idea of No Scale August. Just eating healthy and working out is all you need. The scale is just more of a problem most of the time than a help. If you consume a little too much salt the scale is going to tell you that you have gained weight. Sometimes that all it takes for us to become depressed and eat things that aren't good. Maybe you can start a freedom from the scale movement.

  7. You are BRAVE!!!! I think I'd spaz out if I couldn't see my scale. It's like my security blanket. I can't wait to see how you do! :)


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