Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Road Trip Time!

We head out on our mini vaca today, so I will be away from the blogging world until next week. I can't believe this little guy is all grown up and graduating...

I'm so proud of him and can't wait to have him here in town come August when he starts at the 
University of Wyoming! 

I worked out hard the past 3 days in order to fit a week worth of JMBR in. I'm sore, but love the feeling. My abs ache with every step and movement which makes me beyond happy today. (Phase 2 - Discs 7 & 8 are brutal on the abs!) Just because I got all my workouts in already this week, doesn't mean I'm taking it easy the next 5 days! I plan to get some runs in while we are away. Gotta take advantage of having Grandma around, of course. 

Until next week,


  1. That turtles thing totally inspired a loud snort from me at my desk! NICE! Love it.



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