Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wyatt Turns Two and NSV

My baby turned two yesterday. It's hard to believe it has been two years since this amazing, sweet, loving, stubborn, smart little came into our lives. I can't imagine what we ever did without him!! (Prepare for photo bomb...)

Because of everyone's schedules, and us being out of town right before the big day, we were unable to arrange a party. For months I had planned a big construction themed party, and even though it was going to be just the three of us, I knew I had to incorporate it somehow.

I made rice krispy treat "paint brushes" for daycare treats

And a construction scene birthday cake which Wyatt loved! We tried to help him blow out the candle, but he pinched it out with his hand. Crazy kid! About gave Mama a heart attack.

I woke up to a handful of chocolate cake being shoved in my mouth this morning and a little guy saying "Yummy, Mama!". Thanks buddy... thanks.

We needed outdoor toys for the summer, so I got him a slide/sandbox fort. It rained non-stop all day and I was beginning to worry that he wouldn't get to enjoy it on his birthday. As I was leaving work to pick him up, the sun came out (just in time).

At Christmas he was completely terrified of presents and wanted nothing to do with them. That is no longer the case... he loved it.

Mom never gets to be in the pictures. Some one has to be behind the camera..

Overall I think he really enjoyed his birthday, even if it was small. It's always a plus when you get to beat Daddy with a stick.


Moving onto Non Scale Victories for the week. 

I have one NSV, ONE. Lets just say I've been eating my emotions for a week and it hasn't been pretty... I'll touch on that in a later post. But here is the one positive moment I had ... 

I went for a run on our mini vacation. This was my second run in 3 years and I couldn't be happier with the results! The first run took place roughly a month ago, and while I have been working out like a crazy person, the run was ugly - like an extra 8 minutes ugly. 

I had to force myself to go out there. I was on vacation, and wanted to sit around and do a whole lot of nothing. However, I put it out there to the blogging world that I would get one in, so run I did. 

The first half mile was torture, and always is for me. I struggle to get into the mindset - in the zone. I think about how I sound like a dying elephant, how my shorts are riding up. OMG, here comes a car, I look pathetic, how embarrassing. My lungs are burning, I should probably walk. No Tiffany, keep running. 

You get the picture... 

Around .5 miles, something happens and I let all that go. It changes to "I can do this. You're doing awesome. Don't stop." Some days I can get to that point, and some days the debbie downer gets the best of me and I'm unable to push myself to 'uncomfortable.' 

I didn't stop to walk on this run, not once; including two big hills. Every time I started to feel pain, I'd find a landmark in the distance and convince myself to run to that point and then walk for a bit. Each time I'd reach my walking point, I re-evaluated. Somehow, I suddenly wasn't hurting and decided to make it to the next landmark... I did this throughout the two miles and learned something about myself.

My mind gives up on me far too soon. I don't have faith in myself. My body is so much stronger and can do so much more than I allow it to. This is something I need to consciously work on. This journey is about so much more than my appearance and fitting into some skinny jeans. I want to repair and find myself again, and I feel this run was a step in the right direction.



  1. I love the paint brush rice krispies and did you make that cake?! That is awesome, I am sure he did love that!! That run is awesome and I totally agree that it is a mind game, good for you for over coming that mind game!! keep up all of your good work and thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I did make the cake. It was a really fun and easy one to do! Thank you!

  2. Love the birthday cake!! So adorable! The mind game is my biggest problem running, way to conquer it!

  3. Happy birthday to your little man!

    Also, great NSV! I'm glad you've gotten back out there with running! Thank you for sharing :)


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