Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wheat Belly Wednesday {2}

Look at me writing a blog post in advance from the comfort of my own home. It's been a hot minute since that has happened, my friends! Unfortunately, the reason for this awesomeness is because I can't work out. And why can't I workout? I'm catching Wyatt's crud. Surprise, surprise! I'm determined to do everything in my power for it not to progress this time around. Zicam, Vitamin C, Dayquil and Nyquil are currently my best friends.

So far - Illness: 4594850948     Tiff: 0. Story of my life, right?

Life's been a tad bit crazy since I first decided to go wheat free. Let me tell you, it's not easy to make major life style changes when you and/or your kiddos are sick. I have yet to make it through a week 100%, but I'm not beating myself up over it right now. We are just lucky to not be sitting in a hospital room the past week, so that's enough of a win in my book!

I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel when I make it a few days without wheat in my system. I feel extremely light and clear headed. I was on point last week, that is, until Friday afternoon. Wyatt hadn't drank in almost 24 hours. I was desperate to try and get him to eat something. My thinking was, if he'd eat, he would then be thirsty and we could get some fluids down. So, I ordered him pizza for lunch (his favorite, because, well, TMNTs eat pizza of course). For the first time in his life, he turned down the rare opportunity to have pizza. So, I ate some for him. I could have said no. I should have said no. But I didn't. Exhaustion took over. Then, after we got back from the ER that night, I ate pizza for a late dinner, too. Not good.

My stomach was in major pain, almost instantly. It wasn't that I ate more than I should. 1-2 slices each time. However, after just a few days of not having junk in my system, my body had already adjusted. It was angry, and it let me know it.

This experienced did confirm to me that wheat free is what I need to do right now. I know that once I'm finally over this three month illness, it's going to make all the difference.

Brad's out of town for a state pool tournament the rest of the week, so I should have extra time to get through more pages of Wheat Belly. I am itching to learn more! Fingers crossed that I can kick this bug to the curb once and for all this week... and for some warm weather so I can get some runs in. 


  1. Sorry you are getting his bug! I had a feeling you would. :(

    Next time faced with pizza, just eat the toppings. It may not quite be the same, but at least you get the best tastes of the pizza. (and I was a big time crust girl, back in the day. )

    I'm glad you are recognizing how much better you feel off grains. Once things settle down, you'll get there. :)

  2. Sorry you aren't feeling well ... I'm with Gwen on just eating the toppings if you feel like pizza is your only choice. It does get easier ... Hope you feel well soon.


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