Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Random Act of Kindness

Seven and a half years ago, I moved to Laramie on a whim. At the time I was feeling a little "lost" and needed a change of pace and scenery. My older brother was attending Pharmacy school at the University of Wyoming, so I picked up and moved down closer to him. Really, I never planned on staying long. Shortly after moving here, I landed the job where I still remain today.

Little did I know that this job would shape my entire future. I was able to build a career, meet Brad and of course have my little blessing, Wyatt. All because of a split second decision. My position has always been a stressful one, however, in some ways I prefer that. I need a good challenge in my life. Then, everything changed two years ago when my boss passed away in a work related accident. Even more responsibility was put on my shoulders at that time and our small company is still trying to adjust to the loss.

There have been times in these past couple of years that I've felt as though my job is sucking the life out of me. Both emotionally and physically. Occasionally, I have wondered how much longer and I can continue on here. Then, once in a blue moon, I feel as though a "sign" comes around to reaffirm my decision to stick with the company.

I was having a difficult day yesterday trying to play catch up from having Wyatt at work with me last week. Days like that, I really miss Steve more than normal. Then the mail came:

This customer took the time to send a Thank You card with her payment. To her, it probably seemed like nothing. To me, it meant the world. It came at a time I really needed it and helped me to make it through my day.

Especially in the service/construction industry, people are quick to voice their displeasure with any little thing. Rarely does someone go out of their way to compliment. I admit that I'm completely guilty of this, as well. This customer reminded me of a valuable lesson yesterday. There is so much power behind a kind word or deed. I need to remember that and be more appreciative in my day to day life. I wager we all do to some extent.

Smile at a stranger. Take a couple seconds to compliment or thank someone. You never know who may be needing a simple, nice gesture. You never know the impact that one little thing could make.


  1. What a beautiful post, Tiffany. You are an old soul, for sure. Thanks for the reminder to 'pay it forward.' :)

  2. i love it! i try to send random letters as much as possible as well! thanks for the awesome story and i totally agree about the crazy people in construction. i worked for a contracting company and the customers were sometimes extremely rude!


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