Friday, March 21, 2014

A Little 5 On Friday


Let's start with a little health update:

My toe is healing quite nicely. Thank heavens! I can almost walk like normal today, and may have even been able to get a real shoe on, if I hadn't been too chicken to try. I'm not coughing aaalll night long, so that's nice. Hopefully things are on the up and up on my end.

Wyatt is half way through his third round of antibiotics, and I'm not totally convinced he is getting better - once again. The ear infection doesn't seem to be bothering him, but he is still complaining of the sore throat and has a cough to go with it. Poor guy! 31st is the big day when we find out if we will be referred to a specialist for surgery. As often as he is sick, I feel as though I might be slightly relieved if we go that route. Of course, I wish it wouldn't be necessary, but I hate seeing him like this all the time. So, that's where we are at with all that drama.

This picture helps to really put things into perspective. Ladies and Gents, this is just the past 2 weeks of mine and Wyatt's lives. I should have followed in my big brother's foot steps and became a pharmacist.


Operation Potty Training - Round 2 will be taking place this weekend. Lord help us all. Wyatt, is quite possibly, the most stubborn person that has ever lived. He may or may not come by this trait naturally. eh hem.

We've been casually working on it for months after our last Operation Potty Training disaster in the fall. Everyone says, "wait until he's ready." The kid insists on trying to change his own diaper, for crying out loud. He is ready.

After browsing Pinterest for hours on end, (because, how can you not?) I found a chart I just fell in love with. Back in the day when I had a life and free time, I used to quilt and sew and make all the things. I've missed it. So, when I found a chart that required some sewing, was a smart concept, and I have extra free time with no workouts, I knew it was fate.

I'll get a full tutorial up on the blog some time next week. But, the jest of it is this: Each successful trip to the bathroom, the toilet pin will move up another number. If he has an accident, the pin will move down one. Once it gets to 10, he can pick out a toy at the store.

Beyond the cute, sewing, fun factor - there were several things I liked about this idea.
1. Positive reinforcement
2. And probably my favorite part, I like that it moves down one for an accident. I don't want to "punish" Wyatt for accidents. That's silly. But, I do want him to understand that while successful trips are awesome, our goal is to try and have no accidents at all. The hope is this will help him try harder blah blah - you get it.
3. Help to learn colors and numbers, as well.
4. Once potty training is over, it can still be used for discipline/chores. I've made a follow directions pin and pick up toys pin. Once he's a little older, we can add more.


I'm getting my butt back in gear. Prednisone has me feeling like a busted can of biscuits today. My fat jeans, barely got on this morning. Truth.

To stay off my toe, my goal is 100 tricep dips at work with an ab workout tonight.

Lunch break will be spent at the store stocking back up on all the healthy things. My water bottle is next to me on my desk.

No more letting my health troubles control my life and goals. Time to get this show on the road.


Wyatt put Daddy night-night on Wednesday. This picture literally has me laughing out loud every time I look at it.
He's got all the bedtime essentials: TMNTs, blankie, pillow and drink. Looks comfy, eh?


 Friday is always "Friday Movie Night" in our house. I was expecting our copy of Frozen from Disney Movie Club earlier this week. It still hasn't arrived!! I've been dying to see this movie. If it doesn't show up today, I need to find a quick plan B.

Any family movie suggestions out there??

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