Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Day That Would Never End

Yesterday was a day for the record books. In fact, as I woke up this morning, it felt like it was some wacky dream. But, nope - it all did happen. Let me break this down:

8:30: Doctor appointment for my never ending illness.
8:40: Hospital for 3 chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia
9:30:  Arrive back at work.
10:30: Doctor calls with the good news that it's just bronchitis - again. We go over the treatment plan and she calls in 3 prescriptions to the pharmacy.
12:00: Head out to said pharmacy and pick up meds.
12:30: Receive phone call from FedEx Freight that they left a unit outside the shop door. Which, might I add, they are NOT supposed to do without someone there to unload and sign for.
12:50: Arrive back to work. Open the garage door and barely manage to lift the corner of the pallet to drag unit into shop.
12:52: Proceed to drop said unit and pallet on my left big toe.
12:53: Many 4 letter words that don't need to be repeated on the blog.
1:10: As the pain began to escalate and the bleeding continued, I decided I better get it checked out even though I knew there wasn't much they could do.
1:15: I'm trying to get out to my car, when daycare calls. Wyatt is sick - again! He had just finished antibiotic #2 this weekend, so I immediately called the pedi to get him back in after I get my toe checked out.
1:30: Arrive at Urgent Care. 5 additional x-rays later and it's confirmed it's broken - badly. Tell me something I don't already know. I'd share a picture of it this morning, but don't want to gross anyone out. My toe nail is ripped right down the center as well, and it's just ... nasty. Wyatt picked me out some awesome TMNT bandages, so I'm rocking that today.
2:30: They tell me they are concerned about composite syndrome and wanted to give me a toridal (sp?) shot. Well, there's no time for this nonsense! I still had to pick Wyatt up and get him to the pedi's across town by 2:50. So, they tell me they are calling in pain meds and anti inflammatories to the pharmacy that I was just at 2 hours prior.
2:40: Pick up Wyatt who is miserable and tells me his ear has an owie.
2:50: Arrive at Pedi Office
3:00: Confirm that Wyatt has a very severe ear infection and swollen tonsils that have been that way for 2 months. After 2 rounds of antibiotics, he should be 100% healthy. Specialists are mentioned. One last round of antibiotics are supposedly called into the pharmacy. Make a follow up appointment on the 31st so we can discuss the possibility of tubes and tonsil removal, and out the door we go.
3:20:  Arrive at Walmart. Grab some slippers, new socks and TMNT bandages before stopping by the pharmacy.
3:50: Pharmacy claims they haven't received either of our scrips. At this point, I'm in an incredible amount of pain. My toe is smashed and I've been running around on it non-stop since. I have a sick child, also in pain, crying because he wants his blankie that is still at daddy's house. We continue waiting...
4:20: I have a complete mental break down. I start crying in Walmart like a crazy person because I just want to get home.
4:30: I text Brad to inform him I hate the world, and I can't sit there waiting any longer with both Wyatt and myself crying.
4:35 We are on the way to Brad's house.
5:00: Out the door to head to Cheyenne for St. Patty's Day dinner with Brad's parents. Stop at Walmart on the way, where they FINALLY have Wyatt's meds ready.
6:00: Arrive in Cheyenne and have a great meal with family.

We got back home around 8 last night. Wyatt slept until 6:30 and I was able to get some real sleep for a the first time in a week. The way I figure, we can only go up from here! I can't get actual shoes on my foot, so I'm walking through snow drifts today - fun! It's been an adventure, that's for sure.

I'm out of commission on the workout front for at least 4 weeks, possibly 8 due to my toe. Maybe this is just my bodies way of forcing me to take a break. With a months worth of prednisone on top of minimal exercise, the next month could be rough on my health goals. All I can do is work hard to control my nutrition and hope for the best.

No matter the day, good or bad, I'm always so incredibly grateful for these boys in my life.


  1. FORGET ABOUT EXERCISING for now. Just slow down, heal thyself (with the aid of good, appropriate drugs.) YOU POOR THINGS. I am SO sorry you are having to go through this. Take the time you would've spent exercising, reading. (and playing with Wyatt when you can.) Finish 'Wheat Belly.' Read up on anything else that suits your fancy. Eat clean. Nourish and just pamper yourself as best you can. :)

  2. ok ... I never officially said my day was "hard" or "bad" yesterday (just "disjointed" with a sick kid home and working with customer service for an hour trying to get our home phone up and running, feeling a little tickle in my throat and wondering if something is coming) ... my day was NOTHING compared to yours!

    Broken toes are a pain (literally) and as you said, there's not much they can do. Hope it heals quickly, you and your boy too!

  3. So sorry! Hope you and your little one feel better soon!!!

  4. Oh Tiffany! I'm so sorry to hear about these setbacks. I hope you're having a better day today (it sounds like almost anything would be better than yesterday). Take good care of yourself and your little guy!

    - Caitlin

  5. What a long day. I'm sorry to hear about that. It may be a blessing in disguise. I hope you get well soon.


  6. Oh my goodness! What a day! Sorry to hear that so much happened all in one day and that you're both sick again! I hope you both recover and feel better quickly!


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