Thursday, March 13, 2014

NSV's & Plans For Moving Forward

Last week I fessed up to my weight struggles since Christmas. You can read about that HERE.  It's so hard to get back into the swing of things after being off track for so long. I know from past experiences, that it takes me a good two weeks of working out consistently and eating right to make it a "way of life" again. Those two weeks are really challenging for me. Once it's habit, it's smooth sailing... for the most part.

Well, I felt as though I needed an extra push to get myself there. A good challenge always helps me, especially when money is at stake. I need some accountability in my life at the moment. With this in mind, I joined Chris and Heidi Powell's dietbet. Chris Powell is the trainer from Extreme Weightloss, in case you didn't know. I love that show. He sticks with his clients and helps them through all the challenges of losing weight, including the emotional ones, over a year's time. In my opinion, it's a much healthier approach than other weight loss shows out there.

Step 2: I will be in a 21 Day Fix challenge group starting on Monday. I was supposed to do one in February, but ended up with Bronchitis just a couple days in. I can't wait to share more about it as I get going and will have more details on it next week. Hopefully I kick this cough out the window before we start! Just some quick notes:

1. I HATE the name. LOVE the program. (more on that later)

2. It is a BeachBody program.

3. 100% clean eating, in healthy portions. Small meals throughout the day. I will be adjusting the program a bit as I'm excluding wheat products.

4. I will be having daily Shakeology. (There are probably some wheat products in Shakeology. I'm not concerned about the small amount, or it being a trigger for all things carbs).

5. No, I am not a BeachBody coach and did not receive any free product etc... I will be sharing my honest thoughts throughout the process.

As far as Non-Scale Victories go this week, I'm keeping my eating under control even though I'm not feeling great. Sitting at my desk yesterday, I convinced myself that I needed a bagel from Bagel Maker's for lunch. Needed as in, it was going to make my illness go away and magically make it the best day ever. Nothing and nobody could change my mind.

Except for maybe myself...

I started playing catch up on all my favorite blog reads during a quick work break. Blogger after blogger mentioned how Spring and Summer were coming. How they are doing this and that to be ready. Suddenly, that bagel didn't seem so magical anymore. In fact, it sounded disgusting. I feel better without grains, so why waste my money on it? Healthy lunch for the win!

It's a small victory this week, but a victory none-the-less. Progress is progress, no matter how small. Right?


  1. Christmas really messed me up too - I have been struggling to get back on track ever since, so I hear ya.

    A small victory is still a victory! Turning down carbs when you are sick is a pretty big victory in my book though!

  2. well, you aren't really going to be doing much wheat-free if you have something daily with wheat in it, regardless of the amount. I'm just sayin. Good luck though.

  3. Turning down food and walking away is HARD, so I think this is a great NSV! Good luck getting back on track, I know you can do it!

  4. I agree that progress is progress and all the little things will add up to something great! Making habits takes time, but seems like you have a good plan. You can do this!

  5. Love the quotes! It takes 21 days to see result, to break an old habit and form a shiny new one. The quality of patience is an important factor in long-term weight loss. Good luck with the challenge. Keep posting!


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