Friday, December 6, 2013

Fit For Christmas - Week 6

Still in the -20's today. Still swamped as can be. So, short, sweet and to the point today. I have never in my life been so happy to see a Friday, by the way!

Weigh in: 168.4
Up .4 this week. I'm not beating myself up over this one. Life, in general, is a complete zoo right now and I will be happy if I can just keep maintaining. Of course, I'm still trying to lose and will be thrilled if it happens.

Week 6 Mini Challenge:

Let's burn off any extra calories from Thanksgiving and get ready for Christmas! The Challenge is almost over already, crazy!!!

Speaking of the end of the challenge, don't forget there is a prize at stake for the best results and before/after pictures! Which has grown! One of our awesome challenge participants has donated a $10 Target gift card. Thanks again, Heather! You are awesome!!

While not Fit for Christmas related, this is Christmas related. I'm taking up to 5 Christmas hat orders. If ordered today, guaranteed to have it to you by the end of next week. If you are interested, let me know while hat, size and your paypal email. $20 including shipping.

They're even cuter on! ;)

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