Friday, December 13, 2013

Fit 4 Christmas - Week 7 (FINAL WEEK)

We are now in the final week of Fit 4 Christmas! Does anyone else feel like we just started this little 'ol challenge?

Start of Challenge: 175.6
Week 1: 171.8
Week 2: 169.2
Week 3: 168.0
Week 4 & 5: 168.4
Week 6: 166.2

Total Challenge Loss: 9.4
Week 6 loss: 2.2

I started my weigh-loss journey at 195.5 pounds. Soooo close to hitting that 30 pound loss! This is the best weigh-in I've had in months. I have been stuck in plateau-ville since July. July. Unable to ever get past that 168. Today, I have finally done just that!

Thanksgiving, along with an illness that just doesn't want to fully go away, has made for a difficult couple weeks. The accountability of this challenge has helped me to keep trudging along. You all have been so incredible and motivating!

I know Christmas is only a week and a half away. I know that there are goodies, parties and even some stresses that make it difficult to stay on track. Especially in this coming week... As you go through this final week of Fit 4 Christmas, I want you to keep one very important thing in mind: progress pictures.

One week from today, you will be showing your before and after pictures to your blog followers, in the Facebook group or emailing them to me. I know you are going to want to be able to show as much progress as possible. I know that you are going to want to look and feel amazing when you are surrounded by family and friends over the holiday. No amount of goodies are worth that feeling. 

We're going out with a bang this week on the mini challenge. Leg day; every day! Add weights to the moves if you want a little extra. If you really want a challenge, try adding weights to your burpees! 

Aaaand in case you need even more motivation to make it through this week - a little reminder of what you could win!

Handmade item of your choosing. This is just a general selection of choices.

Some misc items of my favorite health & fitness things

A $15 Starbucks gift card

AND a $10 gift card donated by Heather. So sweet!

Pretty good deal for losing weight and getting healthy, right? Finish the challenge out strong!

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  1. awww, no photos before and after for me, but I am doing well. That's what's important! Thanks for the impetus! Good job too, girl!


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