Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Health Updates..

While I've been recovering and taking things easy, I've had a lot of time to just think. Quiet, down time doesn't happen in my life. Not ever. Wyatt gets up between 4-5 every morning. From there it's time to get ready for work/daycare. Work 9 hours. Run to the store if I need during a quick 15 minute work break. Fit a lunch time run in health & weather permitting. Pick Wyatt up in the evening. Dinner, clean, workout, play, bath, crochet orders, bed. And that's a down day. On a typical day, I am up and running around from 4:30am-9:30pm. Every day.

It's just the way it's been the past couple of years and I have never had time to notice how unbelievably exhausted I am. I had a moment last week where I was going out of my mind from boredom. It was 6:00pm and I was sitting on the couch in my sweats and had nothing I had to do. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but I still can't get passed how strange that felt to me. A part of me felt sad about that. It shouldn't feel foreign to sit and relax for a moment. Life has got to slow down a bit and I'm working to find some sort of balance and a new schedule that will work for us.

Real quickly, I just wanted to update on my health...

I went to a new doctor last week, which I believe was a wise decision. She put me on a new medication regimen and it seems to be doing the job. While not yet at 100%, I feel better than I have since long before Thanksgiving. I've been sick so much the past couple of years, I have actually gotten used to that being "normal" and didn't realize what it felt like to be healthy.

Last week, I was looking back at the posts between Dakota and I since we were first matched in September. I have been sick and on antibiotics more weeks than I haven't in that amount of time. It's incredibly frustrating.

 There are discussions about getting back to a routine Rheumatologist schedule for my Lupus (definitely long over due). As well as getting back into the ENT that performed my sinus surgery a few years ago. I still need to work out some details on how I can make it happen, but it's definitely a priority.

All in all, I hope I am finally on the mend! As far the prednisone went... blah. I did my best to control the constant hunger, but gave in a few too many times this weekend. My face and body are still poofy (common side effect). My last dose was last night, and I hope to start looking more like me soon! Back on track with workouts today and will start the "official" T25 challenge on Monday. I refuse to weigh myself before then. I'm allowing myself a few days to get back to normal!

Now that the health is getting under control, I'm ready to start 2014! It may be a couple weeks late, but better late then never.

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  1. Call me old fashioned, but I think Wyatt has to be trained to stay in bed later than 4-5 am.

    You poor thing! Glad you have a new doctor, and things might get better soon for you.


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