Friday, November 1, 2013

Fit 4 Christmas Challenge Kickoff - Week 1

Sorry for the late post... we had some crazy weather last night and the internet is not cooperating very well this morning...

The big day has arrived: Fit 4 Christmas Challenge kicks off today. I don't know about you guys, but my super terrifying weigh-in this morning has me so excited for this! Just think, come December 20th, you'll be on the road to an all new you. Probably the best Christmas present you could get, right? Don't forget to weigh-in and take your "before" pictures today. Measurements are optional, but I highly recommend them. Save today's info in a safe place and submit them all together with your "afters" at the close of the challenge.


An update on people participating: By rough estimate, I'd say we have 60-70 people that have let me know they are participating so far. So awesome! Anyone and everyone is welcome to join! Blogger, non-blogger... it doesn't matter It's never too late to get on board. If this is the first you've been here, welcome! You can find all the details, as well as what the prize pack has to offer HERE.


Feel free to steal the button to let people know you're participating, if you'd like.
The Fit Train


Don't forget to use hashtag #fit4christmas on all social media. We want to hear and see what you're doing to get fit for Christmas. Nothing motivates me more than seeing others working hard and eating right. The main focus of this challenge (other than to shed some pounds or tone up, whatever your goals may be) is to offer support to each other. Feel free to post to my Facebook page. You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter @thefittrainblog.


I will be posting weekly "mini challenges" that you can choose to try out. Just a little extra motivation to get through week to week. If anyone has any suggestions for a weekly challenge, I've started a thread on my Facebook page. I'd love to hear what you think!

On to our Week 1 Mini Fitness Challenge:


Squats burn more calories per rep than almost any other move, targeting many muscles all at once. They improve running, jumping and endurance. Did you know squats promote more muscle growth across the entire body than any other move? Basically... you can't go wrong with some extra squats in your life. (Who knew the word "squat" could be used so many times in a paragraph).

Make sure you use proper form! Knees over ankles. As you go into your squat, your butt should go back toward the wall and bend at your knees. If this move is difficult for you, just modify it a bit. Don't go as far into the squat. If it's too easy, add weight. Holding dumbbells in your hands will make it more difficult. If that's still easy, then double your reps. There's almost always a way to modify a move to make it more or less impact. 


WATER water water. You should be drinking half your body weight in ounces. So, like the example above, a 160 lb person should be drinking 80 oz of water per day. Increased water consumption will aid your weight loss. Don't skip it!

I'll post the new mini-challenge every Friday!


Stepping away from the challenge for some adorable little boy talk...

The women and children's clinic put on a really awesome trick-or-treat last night. You walk room to room and get candy at each door. The first several doors asked Wyatt if he'd seen any elk. Finally, Wyatt started walking up to people with candy and saying, "Ticky tweat. NO ELK!". He proceeded with that greeting for the rest of the night. Love this boy!


Good luck on week one! I can't wait to keep in touch with everyone throughout the week and see what you're doing to get Fit 4 Christmas!!


  1. I am super excited about this. And I like the idea of the mini challenges each week. I just filled my water bottle up!

  2. Carolyn mentioned that I should swing on over and join your challenge! So glad I did! I didn't know I already followed you on Instagram!?! Now I'm a twitter AND blogger follower! :)

    TOTALLY in to this challenge! Looking forward to the next 50 days! :)

  3. SQUATS! One of the only bodyweight exercises I actually enjoy doing. So excited to get this challenge started (and excited Shannon's joining in too!) :)

  4. Sososososososososo excited for this. Just the kick in the butt I needed! Got up early (after all the Halloween candy :( ) and did a Jillian DVD. Tomorrow on the docket -- either that or a run... AND... just the boost I needed this afternoon -- popped (not to be confused with POOPed) those squats at at work. I'm a school librarian and didn't have a class. In my casual shoes today and just punched out 25, felt the blood flowing and was just the wake-up I needed! I'm a new reader here and very excited to see how far we all can come by Christmas! Good luck everyone!!!

  5. Ooh I love the fit 4 christmas challenge! I'm going to give it a shot!

    New follower from 5 on friday

  6. I am. Better go fill up my water cup and get to squatting! :)


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