Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Plans & Goals

After a month of no legitimate, breaking-a-sweat, type of workouts - it's hard to get back to it! I was pumped up all day, until the second we walked through the door last night. I felt as though I was walking the plank as I headed to my room to put my workout gear on.  I knew it was going to suck. I knew I was extremely out of shape and it was not going to be enjoyable.

I was right. It did in fact suck. Until I had finished, then I felt absolutely amazing. There is no greater stress reducer than a great workout in my opinion. One 30 minute sweat sesh and I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders.

Originally, my "where do I go from here?" plan consisted of T25 for the workouts with running thrown in. The boys gave me T25 for Christmas, and I haven't gone more than one week healthy since then in order to complete the program. This was my chance!

So, I put it in the DVD player and it took me all of 3 minutes before I remembered that you spend a good 90% of the workouts on your toes. Normally, this is great - work those calves! But, on a broken toe? Not so great...

I pushed through the workout though. I had to modify a few of the moves and threw my shoes off the last 8 minutes. But, I survived. I can handle some discomfort for 30 minutes, but I had to get real with myself last night. T25 is not going to work right now while my toe is still healing. Back to square one on the fitness front...

I contemplated several different options last night before it hit me: Jillian Michael's Body Revolution. This is the program that started my weight loss this time last year. This is the program that had me motivated and I saw amazing results with it. Why not repeat it? So that's what I'm going to do. JMBR Round 2. I'll be upping my weights and modifying for my toe as needed.

Normally, I work out at night after work. I want to work on changing that to mornings. Wyatt is up at 5 every morning, anyways. I just need to push myself to get moving and get the workout out of the way. My hope is by doing the workout in the morning, it will give us more time to get runs in after work on nice days. Wyatt looooves going for a run in the jogging stroller.

So, that's my fitness plan.

Nutrition is going to be very clean. I'm going to be doing a 21 Day Fix/Grain Free hybrid if you will. Basically, very clean eating while eliminating grains. I'm not going to be counting calories. Honestly, I've counted enough calories in my life that I have a vague idea of where I lie on any given day. Calorie counting doesn't work for me. I hate it and it actually hurts my progress. If calorie counting is what works for you, that is awesome! I'm just sharing what works/doesn't work for myself, personally.

{GOALS} - April/May

I need some goals in my life right now. Something to keep me focused...

1. 20 pound loss by Wyatt's birthday party May 31st.
 First off, this sounds a bit high, yes. But please remember, I've been on prednisone almost non-stop for months. I've retained a lot of water. The first bit of weight  loss will be from the meds, not fat loss. Just a little something to keep in mind. 
Secondly, that's 10 pounds a month. A little steep, but definitely not an unhealthy number.

2. Morning Workouts 3 days a week

3. At least 1 lunch run, 1 after work run, and 1 weekend run a week. I miss hitting the pavement and need to ease back into the running game

4. Wheat Free - I'm challenging myself to 21 days 100% wheat free to start - no cheats.(I'm officially starting this tomorrow so my weekly check-ins line up with Wheat Belly Wednesday)


I'm also changing my weekly weigh-ins to Wednesday so that I can update everything all at once. I haven't weighed yet, but promise I will be in the morning. I wish I could say I was looking forward to it... but, I feel more like having a panic attack. Things can only go up from here! (well, except for the number on the scale... that can go down).

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  1. Sounds like a solid plan, and I know you can achieve your goals, even the 'lofty' ones! I'm right here with you! :D


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