Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Things I've Learned About Weightloss and Fitness

I've been on this weightloss/blogging journey of mine for nearly a year now. In that time, I lost (and regained) nearly 30 pounds. I had several injuries, illnesses and a long plateau. Yet, there were a lot of highs in there as well. Overall, there have been many things I've learned on this journey of mine... and many more lessons still to come.

1.  Rest days are important. Take them. Enjoy them. Otherwise, you could end up in this situation:
Stress fractures from over training hurt - just don't do it
In that same category, don't drop a 200 lb HVAC unit on your big toe. It's not pleasant, and I don't recommend it.

2.  Water is your best friend. Drink it until you feel you can't possibly drink any more. Sure, the constant bathroom trips are a pain, but your body will thank you. Not only does it help with weightloss, but I feel so much lighter and clear headed when I'm well hydrated.

3.  Losing weight is a whole different ball game once you're a mother. Fitting in a workout takes some major planning and strategizing. Starting out it seemed like an impossible task to me. I'm too tired to workout once he's in bed, but there was no way I could workout with him all over me, right? That was my excuse for 2 whole years. One day, I decided to just give it a shot. To attempt a workout with my crazy, energetic toddler under foot.

As it turns out, he loved it. It ended up being a win-win. I get my workout in, and I'm setting a good example for my son at an early age.

4.  Don't be scared to move out of your comfort zone. Try new things (like working out with your kids). Enter a race, even though it terrifies you. Try out the weight section at the gym. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You never know where it might take you.

My first 5K Race - 2013

5.  Weightloss is about so much more than just the scale. It will try you mentally and emotionally. You'll face demons and learn to get past them. That's important.

6.  Sometimes you'll fail. It may be a small slip up, or it may be huge (like regaining all your weight). But you don't give up, not ever.

7.  Your body is capable of so much more than you'd ever imagine. Test it to to it's full potential.

8.  All the pizza, cookies, burgers, sticky finger quesadillas? Yeah, they taste delicious. But, you won't care about that when it's weigh in time. You won't care about that a couple hours later when you feel sluggish. It's not worth it. 

9.  I've learned that I don't eat based on stress or just any bad day. My food issues tie directly to my physical health. I don't struggle with my eating habits until I'm in physical pain with my Lupus or down for the count with an illness. I eat to comfort myself in those situations. I'm still working to overcome that issue.

10.  The scale doesn't define my self worth. 

This year has brought a whirlwind of ups and downs. I'm grateful for every single moment - good and bad. It hasn't been a perfect journey thus far, but that's just me. I can't wait to see where my journey leads in the next year and what experiences it will bring me.   


  1. WOW I love number's so true. The number on the scale is just a's hard to remember that sometimes but it's good to check in with yourself once in a awhile to make sure we don't lose sight of that fact!

  2. Lovely list! My poor boy was in a boot for so long last year (Jones Fracture ... slow healing). He broke one foot, then the other one! Bad luck! I admit ... I'm a comfort creature. I like routine. I don't like change or challenge ... that is probably my biggest obstacle.


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