Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Wake Up Call

It's no secret that I've been struggling since Christmas. By the end of the Fit 4 Christmas Challenge, I had finally broken through a very long plateau. I was looking and feeling great. Then I got sick and just couldn't beat it. It really took a toll on me both mentally and physically.

I took the dreaded meds and I got better. But I just have not been able to get my mind back where it needs to be. I have been struggling to come to terms with the pounds I put on in January. Struggling to accept it, own up to it, and get back to work. Instead I've just been angry with myself and unable to to move past it.

I'm in the process of getting ready to get a new phone (iPhone or Galaxy!?! Someone help me!). Last night I was going through weeding out some photos and came across my "afters" from Fit 4 Christmas. I was blown away by the difference from that photo to my T25 "before" photos. It hit me like a ton of bricks and was the wake up call I've desperately been needing.

I ate a healthy, grain-free breakfast this morning. My lunch is packed. Dinner planned. Water bottle filled and I'm ready to bust out of this ridiculous pity party.

While I'm owning up to my struggles, let's dig a little deeper. My biggest challenge is food. I have no problem with the fitness side of things. I love my workouts. I crave them. I look forward to them. For me personally, that part comes easy. Are there days where I just want to sit on the cough in my pjs? Yes, of course. But those moments are few and far between. However, I struggle with food. Not just every day... but at every meal. It does not come easy to me. Far from it. We all find different methods that work best for us. Whether it's Primal/Paleo, Low Carb, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Intuitive Eating... There's no set rule for any one person. And, I've done them all and still fail to fully get this part of the health game down.

I was approached to be a part of a Challenge Group for a new BeachBody program and will be starting that in another week or so. Here's what I love about it: it's all about portion control -- my biggest struggle. I can still go grain-free on the program and I don't have to count calories or points. I feel that this is exactly what I need in order to train my body how to properly eat and keep things in check. I will have more on this as I get going, but I'm feeling revived and ready to get things into check. There's no antibiotics or illnesses weighing me down now. There are no excuses. It's time to get out of my head and do something about it. I'm starting a month late, but lets do this 2014!


  1. I have also been really struggling to get into the swing of things after Christmas, so I really sympathise. But it sounds like you have a plan movin forwards, I'm super excited to see how this new challenge goes for you!

  2. Sorry you have been having a hard time! I know exactly how that is. I hope your new challenge goes really well!

  3. The problem with portion control never get a chance to stop the brain chemistry reactions that cause cravings. So you always crave, more or less... Wish you luck, though!

  4. I let my birthday (last Monday) turn into a whole cheat week with unhealthy food and very little exercise. I started T25 this week and am getting back on track. Can't wait to read about the new program you're trying out.


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