Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remember Me?

 Well, hello there. Remember me?

Someday I will get back to blogland, hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm just stopping by to update quickly.

Where have I been? Well, sick... of course. Wyatt and I have both been pretty miserable for well over a month. Luckily, his birthday week was a bearable type of sick, (I'll have birthday post when I feel up to it) and then shit just hit the fan.

Long story short, I finally got back into an ENT on Tuesday for the first time since my sinus surgery back in 2009. He's in agreement that this is just beyond ridiculous at this point and something bigger must be going on. Uh yeah... I've told about 4 different doctors this for the past year! He did a scope of my nose (one of my least favorite things, might I add). The good news is, my surgical openings are still there. Thank heavens, because let me tell you, I would go through my week long disastrous labor and c-section with Wyatt 100x before I'd want to do that surgery again. I do have a very severe case of chronic sinusitis, yeah doc, tell me something I don't already know. Basically, it looks so bad in there that oral antibiotics just aren't able to put a dent in it. Which is saying something, since I've been on the strongest antibiotics offered for at home use.

  While I've never been tested for allergies, I've always known I have them. And according to my new doctor, probably a lot of them. He's guessing many are food allergies as well. Allergy testing is going to be necessary at some point in the near future, but first we have to treat what's going on. I was over-nighted some super antibiotic that is only made in Philadelphia. Rather than being an oral antibiotic, like most, this is inserted directly into my sinuses twice a day for 3 months. So much fun.

I also had another CT Scan done to take a closer look at what's going on in there. My doctor was in surgery yesterday, but his office did tell me that I have a deviated septum that wasn't there at the time of my sinus surgery. Deviated septums cause a lot of the problems I've been having. Re-occurring sinus infections, breathing problems, chronic headaches etc... Not all require surgery unless you are having issues such as mine. So, doc should be calling me some time today after he's made the decision if he feels it's necessary or not.

So, that's where I'm at. I've managed a few runs and workouts on the days I've felt semi human. But, that's just all on the back burner at the time being while I try to get me and my kiddo better.

On to Wyatt - he's had several evaluations for non-health related things in the past month. I should be hearing back on that in the next week. In-between all that, he's had 2 more ear infections and throat infections in the past 6 weeks. Wyatt has had close to 20 ear infections in his short little life. Our pedi (whom I love) finally agreed to an ENT referral to discuss the possibility of tubes and tonsil/adenoid removal. His appointment is this coming Monday.

We've been, well... miserable. BUT, now that we are both being seen by specialists I hope and pray that we can get everything figured out and back on our feet.


  1. You poor things! I feared this was the problem. (well, I feared worse and I'm glad I was wrong on that.)

    Sounds like Wyatt has probably inherited some of your allergies. I think you both should have the allergy testing done together...and yes, get him tubes.

    Will be sending healing prayers for both of you. Love you!

  2. omg sounds eerily familiar! I had my CT scan yesterday! I'm just praying I don't end up needing the sinus surgery, I've heard the same that it is a brutal surgery. I've been struggling for four months now and already maxed out my antibiotic options (I'm allergic is most)
    Please keep us updated!! (or me at least, I have a vested interest!lol)

    1. I feel for you, April! While the sinus surgery was more than worth it, that first week recovering is difficult. My doctor told me before surgery that a lot of patients report a 10 on the pain scale during recovery and I laughed him off thinking he was joking. He was not! Not to scare you at all, but I wish I would have been mentally prepared. But it truly was worth it!

      Have they tried you on a topical antibiotic that goes directly into the sinus? I've had sinus issues my whole life, and no one had ever mentioned them until last week. It might be something to look into!

      I'm thinking of you and hope you get feeling better soon! I know how hard it is to be sick long term like that. It takes it's toll! Best of luck!


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