Friday, January 31, 2014

Follow Through Friday

Finally, a week where I feel as if I was actually able to follow through on my goals... for the most part. Monday was my first official day of the T25 program. I have done many at home workout programs and DVDs through the years, so far I would put T25 tied with Jillian's Body Revolution as my favorite. Short, sweet and effective.

I have switched up the schedule a bit this week. The majority of the moves require you to stay on your toes, and my calves are feeling it! Walking was difficult on Wednesday (but in a good way) and I decided rest was needed. Yesterday I was feeling great and played catch up with Total Body Circuit and Ab Intervals.

 Today should be a double day with Lower Focus and Cardio, but I'll be making them up this weekend. Instead, tonight is a much needed and long over due date night. Wyatt is going to spend the time at my mom's and I get to get out of the house for the first time in about 6 months. Ex-cit-ed!

On top of T25, I have a run planned in the freezing cold tomorrow and I'm doing the Fitfluential Burpee Challenge. 110 down, 890 to go!


I mentioned on Monday that I am trying to go wheat free to see if it will help my Lupus. It's been an adventure. There was no doubt that this would challenging for me. I love all things carbs. This week has not gone perfectly, but I'd say I'm eating only 1/4 of the wheat products I was before. That's a big accomplishment for me! I plan to hit the store this weekend and stock up with more options to make next week ever more successful. 

Now, I am allowing myself to indulge a bit tonight and I can tell you right now that I will not feel bad about it. Even if the scale reflects it. It is a very, very rare opportunity for me to go out and be Tiffany, not just Mama. Don't get me wrong, I love that little guy and cherish every moment with him. But sometimes you just need a breather and a chance to reconnect with your husband/boyfriend/significant other... This comes around only about twice a year for me, and I'm really looking forward to it!

But, it's for one night and one night only. Tomorrow will be back to healthy eating, lots of water and killing it in my workouts.


The Facebook Accountability Group voted for a Photo Challenge for February. The ladies in this group are so amazing and keep me going some days! If you want a place to find support in your weight loss/health journey, come join us! The group is secret, so if you want in, get me your email and I can send you an invite.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Miracle: Day 1 T25 and Healthy

A miracle happened: I completed Day 1 of T25 (for what feels like the hundredth time) and I did not wake up sick today. I was beginning to think that disk was cursed. Hallelujah!

Day 1 of going wheat free was a success. I did have a horrible headache by the end of the day, but that's not uncommon for me and may have nothing to do with the diet change. Wyatt had a night full of night terrors, poor kid. Sleep was minimal last night. I made breakfast in my zombie state and had a piece of toast with my eggs out of habit, completely forgetting that I'm cutting that out. Oops. Honest mistake and moving forward.

Now it's confession time. I weighed in last night for the first time since completing my antibiotics and steroids. I knew I would be up, but I never imagined I would see that scary of a number. Some of that gain is from the steroids. Some is from being nearly completely inactive for a month with illnesses. And some is from making poor choices through those struggles. It was extremely disheartening. I felt really down last night. I had to fight the urge to workout excessively and forced myself to only do T25 and not workout for hours on end.

After completing my workout, I was in better spirits. Instead of wallowing in self pity, I picked myself up off the floor and took my "before" pictures for the program. (I will share pictures and weight at the end of the 10 week program) They were difficult to look at. So much of my hard work erased. But, I took comfort in knowing that I'm stronger than I once was. I've always let my health problems control me. In the past, I would have viewed this as a "sign". That it's just not meant to be and I'd let Lupus win.

That is not who I am anymore. One thing I need to accept, and I'm working on, is that these setbacks are going to happen. Sometimes, it's out of my control. As much as I hated having to go on specific medications, it was necessary. And it will be necessary again in the future. But, as long as I get back to it afterwards, I can and will achieve my goals. It's all a part of the journey and an opportunity for growth. So many have it harder than myself. Look at Dakota... my health problems are nothing compared to what he endures. At least I have the chance to workout and run. My experiences just make me respect and appreciate him more.

Which, I have to share, Dakota took the SILVER in bowling at the Special Olympics this weekend. I'm so extremely proud of him!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Motivation Monday

Today's theme is Healthy Super Bowl Snacks; however, I have a bit of a different view when it comes to "special events" (which, in my house, the Super Bowl most definitely is a special event). If you are going to splurge a bit. Just do it. Watch your portion sizes and get back on track the next day.

For me personally, if I'm really craving something, a low calorie, low fat variation is rarely going to satisfy me and I end up over eating. Make sure there is a veggie tray and fruit around to fill up on, but have a wing or two. Bite into that burger and get back to it the next day. "Fat free" versions of things are not good for you. Sure, the calorie count is going to be less, but you're better off eating whole foods.

Since we are on the topic of the Super Bowl, let me just say what a disappointing year this is. My two least favorite teams in the NFL have made it. Waaaahhhh. On the bright side, I won't have to worry about having a heart attack like I nearly did in the last three minutes of the 49ers game last week. My heart will mend, and Quest for 6 can continue next year!

Brad and his family are all Broncos fans (most people are around here since I live 2 hours away from Denver). So, we will be going to his mom's house for a Super Bowl party and I'm really looking forward to it!.

Moving on from the Super Bowl. Today marks day 1 of T25 again. Knock on wood that I can stay healthy this time. Today is also day 1 of going mainly wheat free. I have been researching this for some time. There are differing views on whether or not taking wheat out of your diet helps Lupus patients. I've spoken to other Lupus sufferers and some say it changed their life, some said it did absolutely nothing. Honestly, that's to be expected. Lupus varies so much person to person. But, I figure it's worth a shot and definitely can't hurt.

I have to share a NSV victory today, because let's face it, it's been a hot minute since I've had any victories - scale or no scale. One of my goals for 2014 was to incorporate more yoga into my routine. Also, Lupus beneficial. As I was laying in bed Friday night, I decided my goal for the weekend would be to try Crow Pose. Now, this is something I never fathomed I could ever do. I've always been amazed by people that could pull it off.

Shockingly, it didn't take me long at all to be able to hold it. Understand that this is not a full crow position. But I'm still extremely excited about my progress so far. My goal is to be able to achieve a full crow (arms clear under the arm pit) by the end of the year.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Where Do I Go From Here?

I came into this week motivated and ready to "officially" start the T25 program. The weekend was amazing. I was finally feeling healthy after months of reoccurring illness. Saturday, Wyatt and I got just over 2 miles in, and I even managed just over 4 miles on Sunday. I haven't ran that distance since I first got sick back in October.

Things were good. I was in a positive place. Monday went smoothly. Wyatt joined me for my T25 workout that evening. My can-do attitude was back. As the evening progressed, I started to feel off. By the time I got Wyatt to bed, the body aches and chills hit me like a ton of bricks. I ended up with a horrible flu bug. Water was not even staying down. It.was.miserable.

Timing could not have been worse. I had a big work deadline this week, and I'm the only person trained to do my job. I ran into the office Tuesday morning long enough to get the guys lined out for the day and grab some things to work from home. Not much work ended up happening, because I was completely incapable of keeping my eyes open and slept all day and night.

Three days later, I'm feeling healthy-ish, again. Somehow, I managed to still complete my deadline yesterday and am once again trying to get set up for a new week.

It's been a challenging winter for me in many ways. Frustration with my health issues is an understatement, but I've managed to stay strong and trudge forward. That is, until Monday night. Honestly, months of anger, frustration and sadness came pouring out all at once this week. Sometimes I just reach a point where enough is enough. Why do I have to have Lupus? Why do I have to be sick all the time? Why can't I make it one, just one week, without being sick? It's exhausting at times. And this past week it just finally caught up with me. One can only take so much without reaching their breaking point.

I sometimes wonder why God gives us the challenges he does. But, I'm a believer that everything happens for a reason. There are lessons to be learned and good can come of anything.  

There's very little doctors can do to prevent this. There is no cure for Lupus. In fact, there's very little treatment at all. One option I have, is to permanently go on steroids. I'm not ready to take that step. I'm 27. I don't want to live with those side affects the rest of my life. For me personally, that's no way to live.

I hate sitting down to my blog, just to tell everyone I'm sick again. Seriously, I know it sounds ridiculous. Believe me, it feels ridiculous. So, I just stayed away from writing for a few days. Instead, I've been proactive and doing some research this week. I am not ready to try medical treatments. But, I can't sit back and just accept being sick all the time until I'm out of this Lupus flare. Who knows how long it will last?

I'm still diving in further to some theories I've found, tweaking some things, and learning more,  but I will share once I have it all figured out. Basically, I plan on making some drastic changes to my diet and see if that will help my flare-ups. While I normally (read: previous to the past few weeks) eat very clean, I've always been an "everything in moderation" girl. I firmly believe that to be true for a healthy person, and I have repeatedly said that throughout my journey thus far.  My opinion of that will never change. However, I am not a healthy person. I never can be, truly. But, I can make the best of the cards I've been dealt.

Choosing to refuse medical treatment is a big decision. And one that I have never made lightly. But, by doing so, it may require some drastic changes in other areas of my life. In the mean time, I'm getting that positive attitude back and am ready to kill T25. Once again, the "official" start date has changed to Monday. Knock on wood.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Steve

I've been on a small blogging break this week while dealing with more health issues and will be back next week. However, I'm back for a short minute today as I'm full of so many emotions.

In June, it will have been two years since I lost someone very dear to me in a very tragic, work related, accident. It was a horrific day, that ended in a phone call from OSHA giving me the devastating news. A day that will be engraved in my brain until I take my last breath.

Not only was Steve my boss, but he was a dear friend. He was a second father, confidant, and my son's great uncle. Over seven years ago, he took a chance on me. He took me under his arm, and not only taught me about the business, but life itself. So much of who I am today, is because of his example and the lessons he taught.

Today, I just need to say:

 Happy Birthday, Steve. As I sit in your office, comfortable in the special chair you bought for my back problems, with the warm snow boots you surprised me with on my feet, surrounded by so many memories, I will fight back the tears today. I will smile through the pain. Today is your day. The one day a year, I could always guarantee you to be in a good mood. :) So you relax up there and kick your feet up. I'll take care of business down here, and eat some carrot cake for you.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Things Nightmares are Made of

As I've been feeling better the past couple of nights, I have managed to fall into some pretty deep sleeps. I mean, if the house caught fire, I probably wouldn't stir. Clearly my body has needed it, but it's come with some pretty insane dreams.

Dreams have always fascinated me. Back in my school days, I even did a large research paper on the topic. Fun fact: everyone dreams, whether you remember them or not. While you sleep, your brain takes things from your short term memory and moves them to your long term memory bank. This transfer of information leads to the jumbled mess of a dream.

Lucid dreaming is when the individual is aware what they are experiencing is, in fact, just a dream. I am a lucid dreamer. This information will come to play later in the story.

I fell asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. Before 9pm, even. Next thing I know, I see myself standing in a crowd of runners. It didn't take long to realize I was standing at a race start. I'm watching myself stretch and talking to a group of people that were clearly friends, although I'd never seen them before.

Seconds before the race is to start, I begin to strip ... butt naked. At this point, I don't notice anyone else in the dream and start screaming to dream-me, What are you doing!?!?!? Dream me looks over at real me and points to a sign: Nude 5K.

The crowd of other runners disappeared, and dream-me took off to run a 5k - completely naked. I knew I was dreaming, but was still completely mortified.

Another fun fact: These nude races exist. I did not know this until I googled this morning...

When I first woke up, I was thinking what on earth just happened? I am a firm believer, after significant research, that our dreams can be a great tool in life. I do believe that there are reasons and lessons behind them. At least, there have been in my own life.

I tend to be a little shy and incredibility insecure when it comes to my body. I mean, I hesitate to wear tank tops in the summer for crying out loud.

Who knows what I was trying to tell myself in this dream, but one this is for certain... it's been way too long since I've gotten a run in and it must happen. Soon. Before I completely lose my mind and strip for a run...

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am...

I have this list full of blogging topics I want to discuss, but even with that in hand, I've been at a loss of words this week. I am easing back into my fitness routine and plan to jump in full force this weekend with some runs and T25 starts Monday. Until then, I feel as though I don't have much to say in the world of fitness and health. Can't preach what you aren't currently practicing, right?

I could sit here and tell you that I haven't ate well this week. In fact, I had ice cream last night. The world is ending, right!? I skipped last night's workout for some much needed sleep. Blah blah... but no one wants to hear that stuff. Here's what not to do, folks! Nah, we'll skip that post.

I'm slowly, but surely getting back on my feet and next week I'll be back with a can-do attitude.

In the mean time, there are many new readers out there this past month. So glad to have you all here! Today, let's recap a little bit of who I am. Some things you may know, some you may not, and many you probably don't care to know...

Middle child in a family of only brothers and male cousins

Completely double jointed

I hate clothes shopping. Give me all the accessories!

Accident prone. I've broken growth plates in both feet along with many stress and hairline fractures. Surgeries, stitches, ER visits.

Clumsy... see above

Lover of all things green

Live for the "great outdoors". In fact, I'd be perfectly happy living in a cave the rest of my life.

Love to camp and hike

Mommy to an amazing 2.5 year old, Wyatt

I have Lupus, Fibromyalgia and Rheunalds

Born and raised in Wyoming

I have a love/hate relationship with running. 

I work full time

Crafter. Mainly crochet and quilting

Dr. Pepper. "23 Flavors. One great taste!"

Lover of all things sports. (with the exception of soccer)

I tend to go slightly overboard for all holidays.

I love all things food.

Prefer tea over coffee

Allergic to beer and wine

I've watched the entire series of Gilmore Girls over 10 times, start to finish.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days can always make any day better.

Very, very stubborn. I admit it.

Love all things furry.

Love a good mystery or fantasy book

Nothing makes me happier than time with my family.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Health Updates..

While I've been recovering and taking things easy, I've had a lot of time to just think. Quiet, down time doesn't happen in my life. Not ever. Wyatt gets up between 4-5 every morning. From there it's time to get ready for work/daycare. Work 9 hours. Run to the store if I need during a quick 15 minute work break. Fit a lunch time run in health & weather permitting. Pick Wyatt up in the evening. Dinner, clean, workout, play, bath, crochet orders, bed. And that's a down day. On a typical day, I am up and running around from 4:30am-9:30pm. Every day.

It's just the way it's been the past couple of years and I have never had time to notice how unbelievably exhausted I am. I had a moment last week where I was going out of my mind from boredom. It was 6:00pm and I was sitting on the couch in my sweats and had nothing I had to do. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous, but I still can't get passed how strange that felt to me. A part of me felt sad about that. It shouldn't feel foreign to sit and relax for a moment. Life has got to slow down a bit and I'm working to find some sort of balance and a new schedule that will work for us.

Real quickly, I just wanted to update on my health...

I went to a new doctor last week, which I believe was a wise decision. She put me on a new medication regimen and it seems to be doing the job. While not yet at 100%, I feel better than I have since long before Thanksgiving. I've been sick so much the past couple of years, I have actually gotten used to that being "normal" and didn't realize what it felt like to be healthy.

Last week, I was looking back at the posts between Dakota and I since we were first matched in September. I have been sick and on antibiotics more weeks than I haven't in that amount of time. It's incredibly frustrating.

 There are discussions about getting back to a routine Rheumatologist schedule for my Lupus (definitely long over due). As well as getting back into the ENT that performed my sinus surgery a few years ago. I still need to work out some details on how I can make it happen, but it's definitely a priority.

All in all, I hope I am finally on the mend! As far the prednisone went... blah. I did my best to control the constant hunger, but gave in a few too many times this weekend. My face and body are still poofy (common side effect). My last dose was last night, and I hope to start looking more like me soon! Back on track with workouts today and will start the "official" T25 challenge on Monday. I refuse to weigh myself before then. I'm allowing myself a few days to get back to normal!

Now that the health is getting under control, I'm ready to start 2014! It may be a couple weeks late, but better late then never.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Core Power Winner & Motivation Monday: What I'm Doing Differently

It's time for Motivation Monday! Come link-up what you're going to do differently this year (or any motivation you need). Be sure to check out all the amazing co-hosts for some extra motivation and ideas!

First things first, we have a winner for the Core Power giveaway!Caitlin Ann check your email and congratulations! 


What I'm Doing Differently This Year

 2013 was the year I reinvented who I wanted to be. 2014 will be the year I become that person.

I suppose this topic really is just a continuation of last week's Motivation Monday, but it's a good thing to think about. As I'm sure all mother's can related to some extent, when I became a mother, I lost a small piece of myself. I gained so much more, but those loses still took their toll.

At 8 months pregnant I found out I was going to be a single mother. The following day I was put on strict bedrest. My world was crashing down around me. Nothing I had hoped and planned for was coming to pass and while an exciting time, it was also a difficult time. I had a week long labor with emergency c-section, my body started failing me after delivery, Wyatt ended up with severe jaundice and I went back to a very demanding job, baby in tow, before he was even 2 weeks old. 

Things have come a long ways since then. All has been forgiven and Wyatt has the best daddy in the world. When I reference that time in my life, I'm not saying he abandoned us, he didn't. I just want that to be clear. However, I spent that first year in survival mode. Forgetting who I was and what I wanted. This past year I took time to start and pick up the pieces and make sense of everything. Slowly, throughout 2013, I started to remember who I was and most importantly who I wanted to be.

For me, 2014 is about becoming and embracing that person. Last year, I took steps outside of my comfort zone. I plan to do even more of that this year. I plan to laugh and love more. To live more in the moment and slow everything down.

When it comes to the health and fitness side of things, there are several small changes I want to make this year. Throughout the Fit 4 Christmas Challenge, I took a risk and stopped counting calories and finally saw some success. I've found counting calories to actually hurt my weight loss efforts. I'd obsess over that number and justify extra splurges. 2014 is going to be about balance and listening to my body. Portion control and just being mindful of what I'm fueling my body with.

As far as workouts go, I will be adding a lot more running. It's an amazing stress relief for me. Weights and circuit training will continue as always, although increasing in weight. 

REST days! Boy, have I learned the importance of these. I've over trained one too many times through the past year resulting in far too many injuries. I hope to incorporate some yoga and extensive stretching at least once a week. 

So there you have it; my changes for the new year! What do you plan to do differently? Come link up!

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Week in 5


No truer words have been spoken. I learned yesterday that even if I did have the a-okay from my doctor, a workout would not be able to happen right now. In a strange turn of events yesterday morning, Wyatt decided he didn't want to go to daycare. As I was unlocking the car, he took off running down the block to try and escape, screaming, "NOOO MISS MANNNAAA's (Amanda)" as he went. . Then, on the flip side, he didn't want to come home with me last night. Oy, the drama.

I tried the lazy approach and yelled to him to come back. Boys and their selective hearing... Eventually I had to run after him. I kid you not, running 3-4 houses down left me with a 10 minute coughing attack. Fingers crossed for some yoga in another day or two and then hopefully I will be back at it by the end of next week.


Dakota sent me the sweetest get well picture yesterday that made a difficult day so much better:

If you are new here, I dedicate all of my workouts and runs to Dakota who has cerebral palsy and is unable to run himself. I keep Dakota posted on our progress via messages and pictures on Facebook. I'm his legs and he's my inspiration. It truly has been such an amazing experience and Dakota has taught me more than he will ever know in such a short time. (If you are interested in this organization, check out )

The hardest part of being unable to workout right now is Dakota missing out on our daily messages and progress. I know he understands, but there's still this little part of me that feels guilty. One of my goals for the new year was to do a virtual 5k for Dakota. Since I'm out for a couple of weeks, I decided January was a good time for it and I'm extending it into just workouts as well. It can be an at home workout, dvd, walking, swimming, Crossfit, lifting.. you name it, it counts.

At the end of the month, I plan to put a book or something together to send Dakota showing him all the people that dedicated some of their time to him. I would love to find more people willing to run or workout for Dakota and take a picture with the below sign and send to me. (I can email printable copies out to anyone interested).


A not-so-bad part about being sick? Time to rest. I did something last night that I don't remember doing in years... I sat down and put my feet up before 9 pm. And for no reason other than to relax and read some magazines. Every day, I'm go-go-go from 4:30am to 9 pm and it was a nice change of pace!


Since Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, Wyatt's holiday themed turkey and Santa hats just weren't going to cut it.

I made a new one for him this weekend, and I think it's safe to say it's his favorite thus far (and there have been many).


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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

An Oompa-Loompa and a Lion

First things, first: have you entered my Core Power giveaway? If not, you should. It is a pretty amazing package. You can read all the details and enter HERE. Giveaway closes Sunday and the winner will be announced on Monday.


The focus of my blog has been health and fitness. This is The Fit Train, after all.  When you're sick and feel as though you will be lucky to live to the end of the week (okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration) let alone up to or allowed (doctor's orders) to work out, it's a bit difficult to find motivation to talk fitness things up in here. Not only am I unable to workout, but I have an appetite like a hippo and am ballooning up like an oompa-loompa as we speak. Thank you, Prednisone. 

 I'm trying to keep the inevitable appetite under control. Although it's not easy. It's only been a day and I'm already feeling the effects. I am trying not to get too discouraged about the bloating and weight gain that will most definitely come on as a result of my meds. It's hard to lose weight and then watch yourself put pounds back on at no fault of your own.  Hopefully when I finish the medication, the weight will fall back off just like it came on. I am going to do my best to keep a realistic view of the situation and not be too hard on myself. This weight gain is a result of medication, not me slipping into old ways. I just have to keep that in mind.

Anyways, while I named this blog "The Fit Train" for a reason, it's also me and my life. I feel as though I haven't done an update on Wyatt in awhile. If you follow me on instagram (@thefittrainblog) you've probably seen most of the pictures I'm sharing today. I'm a bit obsessed with my kid. He is pretty much the cutest thing there ever was, in my unbiased opinion. 

Christmas was so much fun this year since Wyatt was starting to understand the whole concept. He loved Santa. The problem I was running into was what he kept asking Santa for.

1. Uncle Dee-an (This one was impossible to grant. Dylan went to my older brother's for the holiday and won't be back until next week).

2. Brutus (the daycare bulldog). Now, I want a dog too... someday. However, I want to wait until we are in a bigger living space. Not to mention, Brad has strict ideas of the type of dog he wants, and a bulldog doesn't make the cut.

Santa brought a train table and a stuffed Brutus instead. Wyatt didn't seem to mind the change.

After all, once Wyatt got back to daycare after the holiday, it turned out Santa delivered the puppy to daycare instead! They got a new daycare bulldog, Diesel, and Wyatt has been over the moon ever since. 
Wyatt still loves our workouts together. He asks to go for a run every night. Little guy doesn't understand it's too dark, cold and snowy for him to be out. Just 4 more months of winter, buddy. But he enjoys our at home workouts and taking pictures for Dakota.

On New Year's we all went to a University of Wyoming basketball game. It was great to spend time all together.

 And yes, Wyatt is still a lion the majority of the time. Lion loose in the stadium, watch out!
 Just this morning, he turned his room into a lion den. I made the mistake of getting too close and got tackled and became dinner (or rather, breakfast). He and his stuffed lions then finished up their meal with stuffed caribou for dessert.

His vocabulary and imagination is growing everyday. There is nothing I love more than watching him learn about the world. Love him to pieces! Operation potty training, round 2 will happen this weekend if I'm feeling up to it by then.

One of my goals for the new year is to blog a little bit more about myself. Fitness and health is still the focus, of course. But I want you all to know me outside of that as well. Gotta keep things interesting around here, right?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

On Second Thought...

Sometimes, I live in a little world of denial...

For example, my ears have been plugged since before Thanksgiving. To most, that would probably be a sign to be checked out after 6 weeks.

Or when you have random shortness of breathe for a couple weeks? Yeah, probably not so normal.

Sore throat, body aches, plugged up sinuses? You'd probably be headed to the doctor by now, right?

Me? I ran in a snow storm on Saturday...

I have excuses, of course. I hadn't gotten an actual run in for Dakota since the day after Thanksgiving. We have a virtual race goal to meet, and I promised him we'd get some miles in this weekend. I woke up Saturday feeling a little congested, but overall, not too bad. So, I ran 2 miles in 12 degree weather during a snow storm. Perfectly sane decision... 

 By Saturday night, I knew I was in trouble. 

There's always an excuse, but at the end of the day, I've ignored my body for a month and lived in denial. The situation I'm in is, in small part, my own.

Long story short:

2014 has brought me a chronic sinus infection with a side of bronchitis. NOT how I planned to start 2014. T25 is going to be put off for a couple more weeks while I recover. If I'm not feeling much better by next week, I go back for more x-rays to make sure it hasn't become pneumonia. Fingers crossed I stay out of the hospital.

So, there will be no T25 updates for a little bit. In the mean time you can all watch me balloon up like an oompa-loompa while on the Prednisone. I've been on it many times before, and I know how my body reacts. It's not pretty. I may just have to hide the scale away until February and the mirrors.

Honestly, I'm feeling really beaten down today. I'm trying to stay positive. My doctors are treating me pretty aggressively and there's talk of specialists and things. For that, I'm grateful. But when you're trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle, it's disheartening to be sick so much. Every time I'm in a good place, the infections come back and I start all over. To be told I was going on steroids today was just kicking me while I'm down.

While I mend, I have a favor to ask of  everyone out there that tries to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's running, lifting, crossfit, sports, dance, swimming... anything at all. If you would be willing to dedicate your workout to Dakota and take a picture of yourself with this sign (it doesn't have to be a run, and I can email printable copies out) and send them to me at tiffhult27 (at) gmail (dot) com, I would truly appreciate it. The hardest part of not being able to workout right now, is that I don't want to disappoint Dakota. He was so excited we were getting back into things after my last illness. I don't want to let him down. 

Thank you all so much. If you haven't entered the Core Power giveaway, get to it! It's an awesome prize pack!

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When you are exercising and training, protein is important to help your body recover and recharge. When protein is consumed shortly after an intense workout, it helps you to build lean muscle. Lean muscle = smaller size and higher calorie burn. We all want that, right?

Core Power is a milk based, high-protein, sports recovery drink. Based out of Chicago, they have been named The Official Protein Drink of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

“Nutrition experts agree that milk is one of the best sources of protein, as good for elite athletes as it is for active lifestyles. our products contain the natural whey and casein proteins from milk, never removed from their original liquid state. We never use chalky-tasting dry protein powders in our products like others do," said Steve Jones, Chief Executive Officer of fairlife, LLC, the Company that makes Core Power

I've tried many recovery drinks out there and had never found one I liked because of the powder taste. Core Power was absolutely perfect for what I needed. (Chocolate is my favorite).

You can check out their website HERE for more information. They even have recipes!

Core Power is offering one of you lucky readers a Giveaway Prize Pack. Prize pack includes: Core Power product, a gym bag, exercise ball, water bottle, gym towel and yoga mat! I  love every item I received. It is all high quality and I guarantee you will love it!

Follow the steps below to enter for a chance to win. Winner will be announced on Monday.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Motivation Monday: New Year Goals

 Finally getting back into some normal blogging - just in time for the Motivation Monday link-up. We have some new team members, so be sure to jump around and check them out today.

We're trying out something a little different for 2014 and will have weekly "themes" for the link-up. Don't let the theme keep you from linking up though. Share anything motivational with us!


New Year: New Me. 2014 is going to be my year. I've said that to myself in many years past, but I know it to be true this time. I have never looked into a new year with so much excitement and anticipation. There are big things coming to me and mine this year and I can't wait to share it all with you as things come to pass.

For as long as I can possibly remember, I've always been a big goal-oriented person. My parents engraved that into our brains as kids. Every year, on New Year's Eve, we would sit down and make goals for the new year. I'd always do awesome for a few months then fall off course. Yeah, we've all been there.

The past couple of years, I've barely noticed the New Year come and go, let alone taken time to sit down and think about what I'd like to accomplish. Honestly, I have missed it. I know there are many that disagree with the resolution concept. I am not one of them. Resolutions give me a sense of purpose and accomplishment and I need that back in my life. So, I have been thinking hard over the past week about what I want to achieve in 2014:

1. My motto through out all of 2014:

If you follow me on IG, I touched on this a bit recently. I made some strides in 2013, but one thing that I still struggle with is comparing myself to others. Constantly wanting to be as good or better than so and so. And far too often, getting down on myself when I can't. When reality is, true success comes from concentrating on one's self. Striving to be better than you were yesterday. Working to beat your own demons, PR's, goals... whatever that may be. So, if you are following along my journey, be prepared to hear about this throughout the next year!

2.  Reach goal weight (138).

3.  Less electronics/social media. More family. (I'm pretty good about this, but there is always room for improvement)

4. Run 300 Miles for Dakota (That's 200 more than 2013!)

5. Run in at least (2) local, official, 5K races

6.  Find a Cerebral Palsy Virtual 5K race for Dakota & organize free virtual 5K just for him

7.  Lupus Virtual 5K

8. Complete T25

9. Swimming lessons for Wyatt. (As a former lifeguard that had to rescue one too many times, this is a huge  priority for me).

10.  A new home

11. Journaling - Letters to Wyatt (more on this to come).

12. Save!!

13. Run 8 consecutive miles

14.  Summer Hike

If you are looking for a way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals, come join my accountability group on Facebook HERE. Everyone is so encouraging and we will be doing mini challenges throughout the year.

January's Challenge: Burpees! Try not to hate me too much by the end of January...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Run 4 Dakota - Virtual Race

As I've mentioned many times before, I run ( and workout) for a 17 year old boy named Dakota. Dakota has cerebral palsy and has never had the privilege of running. He rolls where he needs to go. Dakota has a heart of gold and my life has been completely changed since "meeting" him.

I wanted to do something special for Dakota to kick off the new year. I'm trying to find as many people as possible that would be willing to dedicate a run or walk to Dakota in the next couple of weeks. After your run (or walk) take a picture of yourself with the Run for Dakota sign and send to me. I want to show Dakota all the people that care and are thinking of him. It may seem small, but I know it will mean so much to him and his family.

You can send pictures to my email at tiffhult27 (at) gmail (dot) com or on IG #run4dakota.

Thank you so much and let's help kick Dakota's year off to a great start! (If you need a printable version of the bib, please shoot me an email).

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quick Run Down...

Hope everyone had an amazing New Year's! I spent mine in my jammies, watching movies with the boys and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Just a quick run down of a few things...


I'll be back to normal blogging next week! Shocking, I know! And that means Motivation Monday link-up. We are trying to add some themes and new things to the link-up this year, so be sure to join in the fun. This Monday, we will all be discussing our goals/resolutions for 2014. I've been working on a good list and am beyond excited for all that's to come this year.

If you aren't a goal/resolution person, still come link up any motivation you got!


Non scale victory for the week: I've worked out two days in a row while sick. Big.Deal. for me. Now to get the eating back under control...


I just found out last night that I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador for 2014! So excited!

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Badge


More on this next week....

But for now let me just say, OUCH!


Crystal over at Crystal Michelle's Mess has a really great IG Photo Challenge for January. All fitness related. Come join in the fun!

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