Friday, June 20, 2014


This pretty much sums up how I feel about today. Hello Friday!!!

The past month has been incredibly stressful, busy and insane in the office. Often, I embrace the craziness at work. It keeps things interesting and challenging. Dealing with all of that while being the sickest I've been in my life has been, well, interesting. But, I've been managing through it. Somehow I've gotten through all this without a day off and managing to slowly get things checked off the never-ending list. 

Tomorrow we are taking Wyatt to his very first movie theater experience: Dragons 2. I've been wherry about taking him to the movies because he's just so busy and tends to get spooked by loud, unexpected noises still. But, he has become fascinated by dinosaurs and dragons in the past few weeks and I think he is going to love it. We'll just keep our fingers crossed that it's not an epic disaster...

Brad was gone last weekend, so we are celebrating Father's Day tomorrow. He's requested homemade lasagna for dinner and I can't wait to have a real meal! Sunday might include a golf trip in Cheyenne. More than anything, I'm just grateful that I'm slowly feeling well enough to be able to participate in these things with my family again. 

Earlier this week, my infection spread to my eyes and ears. It was an ugly sight. I looked high as a kite with blood coming out of my ears at unexpected times. Great visual, right? Another trip to the ENT resulted in some oral antibiotics to treat all that mess. I'm back on prednisone and levaquin and it's beginning to clear up. It will be another 3 months of the topical antibiotics before I'm fully back on my feet - then it's on to the allergist. 

Earlier this week, my boss came up front and demanded I pick a day or two to take off. I'm pretty sure he's been thinking I'm going to kill over at my desk at any moment. So, I wasn't going to decline the offer. Next weekend, we are going to take Wyatt on a 3 day camping trip. There are not words to express my excitement! Anyone that's read here for long know's my heart is in the outdoors and a few days with no cell service or distractions will be a big plus. 


It's been weeks and weeks since I've updated on the "Fit Train". Mainly, that's because it's been non-existent. I'm ashamed to admit there have been many tears shed in this past month over self doubt, embarrassment and disgust with my appearance and lack of confidence. Could I have handled things better? probably. But, I feel like a lot of the happenings in these past several months have been out of my control. 

Particularly in the past month, I've just been making it through the motions. I get up in the morning and manage to get showered and dressed before work (some days). Get Wyatt to daycare, make it through work and by the time I get home, I've felt too awful for anything. Meals have either been take out or brought to us from friends and family. Physically, I haven't been well enough to cook much of anything. Food is and always has been my biggest struggle and having choices taken away hasn't been good. Add on steroids to that, and it's just.... no words.

As far as workouts go, I have another week or so before I can try any type of workout that can raise my heart rate. By next week, I hope that I will be able to get some walks and arm workouts in. Then, after our camping trip, I hope that I'll be able to fully get into the swing of things.

I've debated continuing the blog. It's seemed like an impossible task as of late. But, I love the blogging community and I need the accountability. It could be a few weeks before I'm up to posting regularly, but I will be back!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wyatt's Totally Radical TMNT Birthday

 Wyatt turned 3 on May 29th and I'm finally getting around to sharing his birthday party. Better late than never, right?

Our live's have revolved around Ninja Turtles since about Christmas time, so I knew that would have to be the theme for his birthday this year. I won't lie, I have always been a TMNT fan myself and have loved this phase.

We rented a party room at a local hotel and had most of our family in attendance. Everyone had a blast and Wyatt loved being the center of attention. Be forewarned that most of this post will be photos...

My mom was a cake decorator on the side as we were growing up. The best part of every birthday was waking up to see the amazing cake she worked on into the wee hours of the morning. It was a tradition that still holds a very special place in my heart and I wanted to carry that on to Wyatt. Now, I don't have near the talent of my mom, but I have made all of Wyatt's cakes myself, thus far. I hope it becomes a special memory for him as he grows older too.

 I found the photo prop idea on Pinterest (of course). This was such a huge hit! Even Wyatt's Great Grandparents jumped in for the photo fun. (Note: I try not to include many pictures of other's without their permission on the blog, but you get the idea from the three of us).

 Toxic Ooze, because, well... you can't become a Ninja Turtle without it. We also had other drink selections, salads, chips and TMNT jello. Plus the obvious... Pizza.

More Pinterest finds! The wall hangings were super easy and I plan to save them and hang in Wyatt's room. I searched everywhere for a wooden 3 to paint for the table, and could.not. find one. So I settled for a W. Which I decided was probably a better find because it can also be used in his room decor.

I'm pretty sure that our house is now stalked with every possible TMNT merchandise available and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh, and can't forget his cupcakes for daycare:

I always struggle to find words to describe Wyatt and express my love for him. Guess that's just part of being a mother, right? I am constantly amazed at the little person he is becoming. He is quick as a whip, with the greatest sense of humor. He's adventurous, fearless, creative, and hard headed with a heart of gold. I am so blessed to be his mommy!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Remember Me?

 Well, hello there. Remember me?

Someday I will get back to blogland, hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm just stopping by to update quickly.

Where have I been? Well, sick... of course. Wyatt and I have both been pretty miserable for well over a month. Luckily, his birthday week was a bearable type of sick, (I'll have birthday post when I feel up to it) and then shit just hit the fan.

Long story short, I finally got back into an ENT on Tuesday for the first time since my sinus surgery back in 2009. He's in agreement that this is just beyond ridiculous at this point and something bigger must be going on. Uh yeah... I've told about 4 different doctors this for the past year! He did a scope of my nose (one of my least favorite things, might I add). The good news is, my surgical openings are still there. Thank heavens, because let me tell you, I would go through my week long disastrous labor and c-section with Wyatt 100x before I'd want to do that surgery again. I do have a very severe case of chronic sinusitis, yeah doc, tell me something I don't already know. Basically, it looks so bad in there that oral antibiotics just aren't able to put a dent in it. Which is saying something, since I've been on the strongest antibiotics offered for at home use.

  While I've never been tested for allergies, I've always known I have them. And according to my new doctor, probably a lot of them. He's guessing many are food allergies as well. Allergy testing is going to be necessary at some point in the near future, but first we have to treat what's going on. I was over-nighted some super antibiotic that is only made in Philadelphia. Rather than being an oral antibiotic, like most, this is inserted directly into my sinuses twice a day for 3 months. So much fun.

I also had another CT Scan done to take a closer look at what's going on in there. My doctor was in surgery yesterday, but his office did tell me that I have a deviated septum that wasn't there at the time of my sinus surgery. Deviated septums cause a lot of the problems I've been having. Re-occurring sinus infections, breathing problems, chronic headaches etc... Not all require surgery unless you are having issues such as mine. So, doc should be calling me some time today after he's made the decision if he feels it's necessary or not.

So, that's where I'm at. I've managed a few runs and workouts on the days I've felt semi human. But, that's just all on the back burner at the time being while I try to get me and my kiddo better.

On to Wyatt - he's had several evaluations for non-health related things in the past month. I should be hearing back on that in the next week. In-between all that, he's had 2 more ear infections and throat infections in the past 6 weeks. Wyatt has had close to 20 ear infections in his short little life. Our pedi (whom I love) finally agreed to an ENT referral to discuss the possibility of tubes and tonsil/adenoid removal. His appointment is this coming Monday.

We've been, well... miserable. BUT, now that we are both being seen by specialists I hope and pray that we can get everything figured out and back on our feet.
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